Nelson Mandela..

I dedicate my blog today to the memory of a great man… Nelson Mandela…

His life and tenacity cannot be denied, his vision and dedication an example to so many world wide.. Go well Sir, may you rest in peace…




30 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela..

  1. You said it all “His life and tenacity cannot be denied, his vision and dedication an example to so many world wide.. Go well Sir, may you rest in peace…” Not only is South Africa a better place because of him but the entire world is a better place because of him. Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela!

  2. A wonderful tribute Bulldog. I was just telling hubby that I do not believe we have seen anyone in this country who was quite an inspiring as this man. I wonder if we will ever see such a visionary again.

  3. An inspiring tribute to a brilliant, amazing man who made a huge difference in our world. His legacy lives on and will continue to make a positive influence generation after generation. God bless to you and your family. Happy Holidays my friend.

  4. My original comment never showed up. My tweet either. Hmmmm…iPhone. Thank you for telling me about your poem here. It is a beautiful tribute to an amazing soul. My one thought, though, is that it is SO good that people should see it, Dear Friend. You should post it as an actual post so that more can enjoy your tribute. You have an amazing heart and talent; it should be shared. Thank you so much, again, for letting me know. I would hate to have missed it.

  5. Possibly one of the most inspirational men who has ever blessed us with his presence. He is an amazing man who historians will talk about for a very long time indeed. RIP Nelson Mandela.

  6. Today Nelson Mandela has gone,
    After his long walk to freedom.
    The Nation will mourn his passing along,
    The man that taught us to be freemen.

    His example to the world to forgive,
    Began when he walked from prison.
    The memory will surely all of us outlive,
    As his soul to heaven has risen.

    “No one is born a hater” he said,
    “It is something we have been taught.
    So learn to love each other instead,
    Or this nation will come to naught.”

    Rest in peace great man a nation builder,
    An example to all that have lived.
    May we all respect this great figure,
    When he said it is now time to forgive.

    He left us quietly in the dark of night,
    Slipped away to his place of resting.
    The flag of a nation dropped to half height,
    His time on earth, for us, was a blessing.

  7. Amen to that. Here some words I read today via Seth Godin:

    A legacy of Mandela

    Others can better write about Nelson Mandela’s impact on the world stage, on how he stood up for the dignity of all people and on how he changed our world.

    For those that seek to make a change in the world, whether global or local, one lesson of his life is this:

    You can.

    You can make a difference.

    You can stand up to insurmountable forces.

    You can put up with far more than you think you can.

    Your lever is far longer than you imagine it is, if you choose to use it.

    If you don’t require the journey to be easy or comfortable or safe, you can change the world.

  8. yes – i woke to shed tears. A light has gone from the world. a man with the courage of his principles, who had the strength & courage to change and maintain. I feel for South Africans who will be feeling great grief

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