Here; but not much good.

Well we made it to Kathu and even brought rain with us… the bush will now green up beautifully. The car repairs took longer than we expected, and somewhere down the line my eyesight has gone all wonky… my left eye is giving me a double vision vertically and my right eye a double vision horizontally.

Do you know how odd this is??… I now see three of everything, unfortunately it means that photographs are out of the question as I cannot see to focus in the view finder and the screen means nothing.

So I will not be returning with anything to show at the end of next week, but we are back up on the air, and life is still good. Eye specialist are non existent here so will have to make an appointment on our return, which will probably only be in the new year. But life is good, it is warm (no hot!!!!!!) and the swimming pool is cool, so you know where I spend my days….

a picture from the past…..


86 thoughts on “Here; but not much good.

  1. It’s a little over a month since this Blog. Any news on your eyesight that I have missed? Your eyes especially are of such importance, I am wishing you nothing but good health and continued healthy eyesight! Please let me know.

    • My right eye has come back to normal and it is thought to have something to do with the accident… the left one still has double vision and is to do with the cataract which has to be removed… but I only need one eye for the camera so the op will be waiting for a while…

  2. Having been away myself for a week I’m just catching up on your posts. Sorry to hear of your sight and allergy problems, which I hope by now have gone or are at least getting better.

    • I’m afraid not… now apart from the eyes I have an allergic reaction to something and look as though I have measles… so now I can’t even go out in the sun… 2013 is trying its best to leave me with a bad impression of it…

  3. The recreation sounds great, Rob, but I’m certainly sorry to learn of your eyesight giving you trouble. That’s not something easily ignored. I have been away for a day or so, and hope that by now maybe you’ve experienced some improvement!

    • Thanks very much.. but unfortunately no improvement seems to be set in and am now finding a little pain in the eyes, probably just an infection easily cured…

  4. Tell those eyes of yours to smarten up because I miss your wonderful photos :(. Hope you get your eye appointment sooner rather than later, and I’m hopping on the next plane for a visit because that hot, hot weather sounds glorious to me as we shiver in the frigid temperatures we are experiencing.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that :(. I hope that 2014 will bring you a good health, great trips and all the photos you are looking forward to shooting. Take good care, Bulldog!

  6. I know a man who has triple vision. It’s very painful to deal with emotionally and it can make a person dizzy. Keep us posted.
    Sending you good thought for a full recovery.

  7. Very strange, I am happy for your great attitude though. I pray that you figure it all out soon.

    God bless

    PS always funny to see the opposite weather we are stuck in our own world and forget there is another world out there. thanks for sharing. I will now tell my grandkids so they can see the bigger world that exist ;o)

    • The ophthalmologist I saw is going on leave over Christmas, but they said I can call in when I return, which at present we are not sure of when we are returning… hope he’s still there when we return .. otherwise it waits for next year…

    • Thanks Anneli, just trying to ignore the possibilities at present… had an inflammation in the one eye that they were concerned could be affecting the one eyes focus, now this may have spread to the other eye as it never really cleared completely … but will have to go back to this guy when we return… Glaucoma was my concern and because of that will definitely follow up…

  8. Oh, that has to be so frustrating not being able to focus….you or the camera! I have some minor eye issue that causes blurriness from time to time. At those times I leave the camera on auto and point and shoot. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t 😉 In the meantime, relax around the pool there, I’ll relax around the pool here and we can both smile while the folks up north are freezing 🙂 I know, that was mean!

    • That is what I intended to do.. but as most of my photos are on a large zoom I’m having trouble seeing where the hell the bird is… so have just given up… the swimming pool is a great alternative… poor people in the north…

  9. Worrisome about your vision… my husband is the in the eye care business and would advise you to see a specialist soon (especially if the double vision has appeared somewhat suddenly.) Eyesight is not something to fool with!

  10. makes us realise how much we do depend on our sight.. well i prescribe lots of shut eye beside the pool!! (might be an idea to keep off the screen too, and have a proper rest for your eyes and neurons.).. though we would miss you.. c

  11. So sorry to hear about your eyesight giving you trouble Bulldog. I hope it improves soon and isn’t an indication of anything too serious. Love that pool photo from the past, I bet its’ so refreshing on hot days there. I love the water. We’re still freezing our butts off here, but the snow is pretty. 😀

  12. That photo looks so typically South African. 🙂 So sorry about your eye problems, especially as you can’t get to see an ophthalmologist any time soon. I’m sure that when you get back home, your problem will be easily solved. Hang in there, and have a great family Christmas. *hugs* to you and Linda.

  13. Your onset of diplopia is badly timed – one should see a doctor asap. However, yours is probably a combination of two of the common causes – cataracts and stress.

    I could not beleive how bad my vision had become until I had it restored through double lens replacements. One accepts as normal what one sees, and doesn’t notice the steady deterioration.

    For pictures in the meantime, can’t you aim at the middle one of the three and let autofocus do the rest? 🙂

  14. Praying for you,Dear Friend. You need those eyes!! We need those eyes!!! Your photos will be missed, of course, but I am just glad you will have a nice relaxing time with your family. Please take it easy and get to the doctor soon! 🙂

    • I’m sure all will turn out fine.. need to have the cataract op, and I did have an infection at the back of the one eye which they tried to clear up, looks as though it has spread and is now causing swelling behind both eyes… I can see quite well just not good enough for photos, but will have it attended to as soon as we get back to civilisation… thanks for the concern, the Bulldog doesn’t give up easily…

  15. Sorry to hear about your eyes, but I naturally assume you have tried taking photos with AutoFocus? I have poor vision & astigmatism even with correctional glasses, so have to use Autofocus all the time. I usually aim for where I think the bird/animal’s eyes are and these days, get it pretty well right most of the time.
    You may well find that some minor surgical procedure will remove the cataracts (if that is the main problem).
    In the meantime, I hope you have an enjoyable holiday.

    • As I use a lot of long zoom shots of my birds, AF is not always much help as it is not sure what to focus on. the branch or the bird, so I do use AF and slip over to manual focus for the final shot… problem is seeing what I’m looking at when walking around, so now just enjoy the walk and forget the camera…

  16. Dear Rob, I am sorry to hear about your eyes… I know what means eye problem very well because I lived a few years ago, but I was seeing like a bee… My problem was about neurology. I hope and wish you to get well soon. But you should visit your eye doctor, 🙂 Thank you.
    Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

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