The Fat Finger Syndrome…

When the eyes go to hell,

The fingers seem to swell,

And trying to hit a letter,

Definitely gets no better.

Well this is the corrected verse that started off like this.

Whren the eyes gho to hell,

The fingers seenm to swelkl,

And trying to jit a letter.

Definitely gets mno better.

Trying my best to finish the last chapter of my book, becomes a task of understanding fingers that struggle to keep up with the brain. I have never have been able to look at the screen and type at the same time, so it is only when I look up to see what I’ve type that I discover a comedy of errors.

Typing with my two middle fingers seems to confuse everyone that watches me, yet I can pound out the words at a fair speed. The problem is that my hands tend to obscure my sight of the keys and hitting two keys seems to be too damn easy. It gets some funny results though as you can see from the above short verse.

The book which I started and then lost all confidence in, due to the fact I doubted other people would be interested in it, came to a grinding halt. No matter how much Linda encourage me it would just not continue to write itself. I tried and then hit the proverbial wall.

Something I read in a guest post hit the button, write and do it for myself and don’t worry about the publishing. This was encouragement enough to soldier on and somehow I’ve pounded out the words to near completion. 125 000 odd words just seemed too many, and a very quick edit reduced this down to 85 000 of which I am very happy.

Linda loves the stories and the humour, she is not easy to please when it comes to books, yet this one she loves, so maybe I have a winner.

I am enjoying the humour of the “fat finger syndrome” and specially the Microsoft Word corrective feature… you should see some of the suggestion on the spell check… in some cases I’m totally confusing the poor program.