Why are men so pitiful at times?

What makes a man so pitiful when it comes to children, illness and women ?

Why from the obvious odours of a dirty nappy, does a man go into a gut wrenching heaving of note ? Why can a women peep in a nappy and come up with the cheerful words “look who’s made a poo poo.”  A man will be holding his child  expounding the beauty, ingeniousness and how the child is like him, ‘till that odour strikes his nose. Then all of a sudden the child is handed hastily to the mother, “Your child has taken a dump” with so much disgust and face pulling that one would equate it to an unusual occurrence. 

Yet a man can pass wind under the bed cloths and laugh when his wife gets upset at an arduous odour ?

A woman will handle a common cold with a nose blow and cough whilst a man will take to the bed, rewrite his will and call the children to his bed to explain their future life without him. Is this something that God installed in his make up to prepare him for his demise ? Is every ache and pain a sign of the worst possible illness a man can get ? Why does he take to the internet for self diagnosis and then a small symptom be read as being the worst possible case scenario ? Is it that he wants to be ill, or is this merely a sympathy seeking system of the man’s brain ? Maybe he doesn’t want to see a Doctor to be told the obvious “There is nothing wrong with you Mr ……..”

Why will a man hardly notice the new hairstyle of his wife, yet point out to her someone else who has changed her hair colour ? Or notice a friends wife has lost weight, yet never mention that he notices his wife has lost a pound or two ? Is this a death wish ? It always astounds me how a man can walk in the street and without any obvious head turn, notice a good looking woman, what she is wearing and how her hair is done. Then still talk about it to his mates three days later. But he cannot remember what his wife wore yesterday.

Why does he always stumble when confronted with the trick questions his wife will toss at him; “Does my bum look big in this?” “Is my bum as big as hers?” always asked whilst walking in the mall, don’t women look in shop windows anymore ? “Does this hairstyle make me look younger?” “Do you still love me as much as when we first met?” Ladies half the time a man can’t remember where he originally met you.

Is this why they say we come from Mars?


Just for the record, I am in no way like these men above, and Linda will back me up on this. Please don’t ask her, she is very busy looking after our Grand daughter at the moment, just take my word for it. Would I lie to you ????

I really need to get my eyes fixed to return to posting photos rather than have my brain wander as it is now.



73 thoughts on “Why are men so pitiful at times?

  1. By the way my husband and I are having a field day stalking your Blog getting caught up on all I missed. We are having the times of our lives at your wit and humor! Love it my friend!

  2. OMG you are hysterical! That’s all I can say absolutely positively hysterical! Thanks for the great giggle!

  3. Rob – enjoyed your observations of human behaviors, which for me is the funniest kind of comedy. Did you ever see Billy Connolly (in his younger days)? t

  4. Ooops, I’m horrible at noticing when the better half gets a haircut. Horrible. I think that’s the only one on the list that I’m guilty of.

  5. Col has it spot on, Bulldog. Women do the nappy changing because it is expected of them and they (usually) have no option. Men could do it just as well if they HAD to, but they will make any excuse, even down to hurling, to get out of it. Single dads do very well. 😉

  6. I think it’s true that having your eyesight compromised has got you in a muddle, Rob! You are one strong guy in all the right ways, and I’m sure you complement Linda’s strengths perfectly! If you can’t handle diaper odor…we women hate it, too, but someone’s got to do it. LOL!

  7. I laughed at these, but can add that there is nothing so effective for removing the nappy syndrome from a man as being thrust by circumstances into the mommy role for a couple of weeks! (As for those 2 a.m. feeds – let’s not even go there!)

  8. Man flu! I’ve never understood it. As for the guy in MM’s clip, he’d get a good slap from me! Now the oogling women thing, what makes himself’s head snap ’round these days is a flash motorhome, a sports motorcycle or a car (Mercedes and on up the price list). But he was hopeless with the grandchild nappy thing. Poor Linda. Go give her a hand! Go on!

  9. haha there are pros and cons about men and women. My friend and I were just talking the other day about how women get upset when men don’t know what’s bothering them instinctively without them (women) telling them.

  10. After the past ten Madiba mournful days this is a breath of fresh air and coming from a husband and father, hats off to Rob/Bulldog for giving us as females a chuckle and underlining that men do indeed hail from Planet Mars. Bet Linda has many clone orders for Xmas! Festive blessings on an awesome family who have become household names amongst all we ex Rhodies………..!

  11. Awesome, awesome, awesome post Bulldog!! I found my head was nodding so much I almost had to put a neck brace on LOL! And I laughed from start to finish :). You are such an amazing writer – maybe you should start another blog to help men overcome their pathetic ways LMAO! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Be careful about posting stuff like this, you’ll end up with a queue outside your door composed of women wishing to adopt you and men wanting to clobber you 🙂 THere are NEw men out there, honest: PF changed nappies on a regular basis, although he drew the line at vomit.
    The worst thing is that when we’ve finished changing kids nappies, you keep the responsibility for the stuff that stinks. I am the family sewer unblocker and this morinng my son informed me that the cat had thrown up on the floor (it wasn’t his job to clean it up, of course).
    As for sick men, I love this sketch!

  13. I have no idea what the answers are, but if you find out, PLEASE! Let me know. ((Thanks for clearing up the tooting under the covers issue–I would hate to think you were doing that to my lovely Linda)) I am missing your photos, but will take any post you can offer up…it is just a blessing to have you here. This was fabulous by the way. I needed the giggles!!

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