Allergic Contact Dermatitis… scratching myself for Africa.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis occurs when your skin comes in direct contact with an allergen. Now I hugged no blonde, brunette or red head… So where did I pick this up??

it started about 10 days ago and has slowly just got worse to the stage it is now at, where two hands are not enough… and to remember what I ate 10 days ago is impossible when one struggles to remember what you ate the day before…

In fact my two hands and Linda’s are not enough… with yesterday being a public holiday and the itches being at their worst, I could not get to the pharmacy, but when they opened today I was first in and not many would have stood in my way… talk about a bull in a china shop, that was the Bulldog…

I looked like this for the last few days…




As for my back … if Linda was busy with two hands on my back I was busy with two hands on my stomach… I look like a speckle egg which now keeps me indoors…

I think 2013 is trying to tell me something… well the way it has ended for us, it can go and allow 2014 to arrive…


68 thoughts on “Allergic Contact Dermatitis… scratching myself for Africa.

  1. I am not laughing hysterically because you were ill, it’s the photos of the scratching you chose to go along with your Blog that I am laughing my ass of at! You are amazing! Hope you are better by now.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this, Rob. You really have had a rough couple of months. I sometimes think a new year does give us a kind of “do-over” and you sure need one. I hope the itching has subsided. Since you don’t know what brought it on I’ll mention just one thing…probably a long shot. A very good friend of ours developed a true gluten intolerance in the last few months. He was scratching himself almost to death and was seeing specialists right and left. There is no explanation for why he’d develop the intolerance at 62 years old–for the very first time. He was so desperate he took himself all gluten and it has cleared up. Since sometimes there are no explanations for allergies, I just mention this one case. I hope your situation was just a fluke and you’re doing better by now. My goodness!

    • Thank you for this info… we have considered all that is in my diet for the last 2 to 3 weeks and nothing really has changed… but I used an under arm deodorant that was 6 to 7 years old, the chemist seems to think it is probably that, as the aerosols do tend to go off and the perfume gets stronger… I am not a great user of these products and actually only use an antiperspirant.. don’t know why I used this but apparently it was the cause… the pills and cream are working wonders and the itches are now almost gone as is the pimple type spots I developed… but thanks for the info, it is one of those things I need to watch being the same age as the person you mentioned… I suffered from a “leaky gut syndrome” which the Doctor sorted for me and since then I do tend to watch what I eat… I was hoping the eyes would come right at the same time and in some way might be related, but it is not so.. will just have to see the eye guy as soon as we return to civilisation… thanks for the concern…

  3. I have had allergic reactions from time to time and haven’t bothered with creams and such, but only use an antihistamine which works like a charm. There are also some brands that do not cause drowsiness. Hope by the time you read this it will be almost over.

    • normally take the over the counter antihistamines, but on this occasion they had no effect… I got a prescribed one plus cortisone and the special cream he mixed is a local popular cream that has an antihistamine, cortisone and some kind of local anesthetic cream… all mixed and works wonders… will have to get a jar to take home as it works like a bomb…

  4. Sorry you have a techical itch to add to everything else!
    I also managed to get one of these ringworm-type infections, and it has taken weeks and weeks of application of the ointment. It has faded but is still visible.

  5. Oh, Bulldog!!!!!! Have you checked for bed bugs? A friend of mine came home from Mexico and had exactly what you describe. Does not even matter if Linda is not getting bit because they can be particular from what I understand. Just a thought.

    I was already praying for you…..will add this on. Sigh…Bring on 2014!! With that book release, I know it will be a great year for you, Dear Friend!

    • The chances are it is an allergen from a metal of sorts, or an ingredient of an underarm spray or the like… or so says the pharmacist.. he took one look and seemed to know straight off… what ever he mixed for me seems to be working the itching is nearly gone… but thank you Skye ,… the only bug in our bed is me… or so says Linda…

  6. When I get poison oak which I typically get every year from my dogs. You see poison oak grows all over our property so…
    I hate when people say don’t scratch it. ohhh it feels soooo good to scratch it. LOL

  7. Oh, I’m very sorry to hear that! I know exactly how irritating and annoying allergies are! In situations like these I usually choose an antihistamine which makes me sleepy, so I least you avoid too much scratching! Wishing you a swift recovery!

    • The Chemist mixed three different creams together and boy has this given me relief… although in some places I have already scratched myself to sores… but the itch seems to be on its way out… and for that I am grateful… thought of the calamine… but I took all the different antihistamine creams that we had tried with me… he said none of them would work… seemed to know all the signs and gave me accordingly… saves having to go to a Doctor… save R 350.

  8. I think a mosquito bite itch is bad enough, but to have an itch such as yours must be frustrating. I see you’ve got some good advice from bloggers, so I hope it goes away soon. xx

  9. Gosh, things are NOT going well for you at all for the end of 2013.

    Perhaps …..even stress over your eye problem might have sparked off this rash/allergic reaction. If it’s serious, a cortisone/anti-fungal/anti-bacterial cream/ointment might be needed. When I was studying Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy, there were heaps of gentle ‘alternative’ treatments, but when a severe allergic reaction arises, our Tutor said to get straight to an Orthodox Doctor for some cortisone cream. Calamine lotion might reduce the severity/itch also. There are also PH balanced lotions one can put in a bath to calm down the itch/rash.

    Don’t use ordinary soap or toiletries. Watch what you eat for a week or two also – keep away from red meat, dairy & the deadly nightshade family of foods for a couple of weeks.

    Try to wear natural fibre clothing too. Nothing tight or constrictive around the face or neck.

    I suppose it’s a bit too cold to go naked? (Grin)

  10. NO SCRATCHING!! Hope you have got lots of lovely cream and oils to rub in instead.. how is your sight tho? are you seeing better now?.. you are having a hard time of it.. c

  11. Doctor Cindy prescribes chocolate – at least 10 times a day!!! All kidding aside though, being an allergy sufferer my whole life, I know what you are going through and I sympathize. It’s not fun at all!! Feel better soon my friend (and try not to scratch – it will make it worse). Easier said than done though, I know!

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