Kalahari Sky… a special colour.

The Kumba Iron Ore Mine.

The Kumba Iron Ore Mine situated in the Kalahari, near the mine town of Kathu, is at times a red dust town… but the dust settles once a little rain falls and when this happens the air is so clear that the skies almost looks an unusual blue. A testament to pollution control makes these skies a very special experience, specially from a beautifully clean pool…

len dec 2013 020

But look at this sky … what a beautiful blue… I had to wait for the scarce cloud to capture the contrast…

len dec 2013 019

len dec 2013 018

len dec 2013 017

len dec 2013 016

49 thoughts on “Kalahari Sky… a special colour.

  1. Having just returned to the UK from sunnier climes, I wish I was back under wonderful blue skies and enjoying the warmth of the sun that your photos remind me of.

    • Thanks to a good camera that I can point towards the sky and take a photo… tried to take a photo of a bird.. could not see the focus and it was just a blur on the computer…

      • Well done to you for even attempting it. You’ve had so much to cope with lately, I can only imagine your frustration! Skies & landscapes are great subjects for a while tho, I actually thought your eyes must be better as these were so sharp!
        Just take care bulldog *hugs* 🙂

  2. Beautiful photo’s as usual. I love watching the clouds as well when I am lying in our pool. Great post my friend and hope all is well. 😀 *hugs*

  3. Beautiful sky Rob and gorgeous cloud formations – worth waiting for. Stunning. Just to let you know too – I do try to comment on most of your postings but sometimes I get hit with an error and wordpress kicks me off – so not that I don’t want to. Hope you are getting your eyes sorted out. Hugs from NZ

  4. Oh, to dive in that pool and float whilst looking up at that sky!! ((living vicariously through you!))

    Hope you are feeling better and better. Are the eyes still as troublesome?

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