Kalahari Storm… a blessing for the arid area.

Yesterday saw the storm approach and drop a few drips followed by a rainbow, then the heavens opened and the rain fell with a vengeance.

The approach….

len 19 12 001

The signs of a hail storm somewhere….

len 19 12 002

and then a small rainbow…..

len 19 12 006

a quick trip to the golf course and the heavens open…

len 19 12 015

len 19 12 037

len 19 12 041

len 19 12 043

and when the rain stopped, I saw the poor bird soaking wet, but with bad eyes this is the result of a close encounter…

len 19 12 044

and then the reward of a sky that says “hope you enjoyed that rain”….

len 19 12 047

Lucky the rain and scenes don’t need a good eye, Auto Focus can do the job for me…

55 thoughts on “Kalahari Storm… a blessing for the arid area.

  1. Gorgeous photo’s Rob. I enjoy the rain just as much and you’ve portrayed this blessing so well. Thanks for sharing my friend. 😀 *hugs*

  2. Wow this is so beautiful, my favorite picture is the black and white photo or is it color rain drops on water, maybe I should check my eyes too ;). Happy HOlidays Bulldog!!

  3. I hope I do not see rain like that when I venture out on to the golf course tomorrow, for the first time in weeks. However, I would love to see the Kalahari sky that followed on from your storm.

  4. You have captured the storm very well … and I can see that a golfers life is not always that rosy and shiny. Maybe water-polo had been more suitable.
    We had a new storm a couple of weeks ago … worst then the first one – Sven it was called. I’m sure that it’s all back to pure sunshine for you again.

  5. Great shots of the clouds & storm.
    (that wet bird shot is about what I can often see myself, so aim for about the middle of the head, make a few shots on Autofocus and you might be surprised to find one turns out just right. I often do).

    • That was the best on AF… I’m concerned about the happening… but my poor little Fujifilm does not operate like the Canons and the rest… AF needs a slight bit of help…

      • I’m sorry to hear that Bulldog.
        Autofocus is a blessing for me. The only way I can focus manually is to ‘roughly’ do it on Autofocus and then flip to manual and slowly turn the focus dial until I hear the little beep beep to indicate the focus is good. I think I’ve taken about 4 good manual shots that way (out of 60,000+ over the last 3 years) – lol.

  6. When are you getting to the eye doc? I kept hoping your issue would depart as mysteriously as it arrived but that doesnt seem to be happening! Your wife must be getting nervous….make an appointment!
    Now that I’ve shown you my harpie side, let me revert to normal and say “love that rainbow shot!”

  7. Beautiful photos! Even the bird one! The year 2014 and that doctors visit cannot come soon enough, in my humble opinion! Hoping the itching has subsided. 🙂

    • The bird one shows the problem… I cannot see to focus and the auto focus has no idea on what it must focus… so yes the visit cannot come fast enough… the itches are over and for that I thank the Lord… couldn’t stand still was like the proverbial child with ants in their pants… thank you Skye…

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