People I Miss at Christmas..

Yes I know I said my last post was the last for this year… but I’m allowed to change my mind… or am I ? I recently played around fixing a few old photos for my Mom who turns 90 next year. The first photo is of her parents… my Grand Father died 40 years ago and he was one of those people who influenced my life… a carpenter of note who taught me all I know about furniture… My Grand Mother was the proverbial grand old Lady and died when she was 99. She came down to visit us in South Africa when she was 97 and had her first flight in an aeroplane when we flew her back to Bulawayo in Rhodesia… I cannot listen to “Silent Night” without thinking of her singing it in the Church…

IMG trial 1

and the second photo is of my Dad who went off to war at the age of 17, he joined the Pretoria Regiment and this photo is of him and my Mothers Brother and Burt Bodrington a friend of my Mothers… try guessing which one is my Dad… A, B, or C… go on give it a guess…


They all look to young to be tank drivers…


74 thoughts on “People I Miss at Christmas..

  1. I hope that Christmas was a happy time for you and Linda, Rob, but I do understand the “missing” faces and how their absence on a special family occasion such as Christmas often adds a tinge of melancholy. I will never have a Christmas I don’t miss my grandparents. I’m thankful my parents are living…and I try not to think ahead about that one! ox

  2. Oh Rob – brilliant. Thanks for sharing that. Incidentally I guessed B – looked at the nose of your Grandfather and then the photo of the three “lads” so wahoo I was right! Great photos – thanks for sharing the memories.

  3. I thought it was either A or B – now reading the comments I see why I was confused – You obviously have something of your uncle in you too! I loved this post – related to it in a big way. Our parents and grandparents have such a huge impact on our lives – something for us to remember now that we are the older generation.

  4. I always miss my dad and my grandma at holidays….My mom is 80 and she says we fuss over her too much, but I think she likes it a little bit 🙂
    Have a wonderful day, Bulldog!

  5. Grazie per aver condiviso questi tuoi ricordi, è stato un vero piacere. Non posso più provare ad indovinare perché ho già letto che è B 🙂
    Serene Festività!! Ciao, Pat

  6. What a beautiful couple they were Rob. I am glad you are enjoying the memories. I see I chose the correct one, which was B. Thanks for sharing and take care my friend. 😀 *hugs*

  7. The older I get I realize I deal with things by staying busy and not thinking about them. Your post made me stop and remember It brought tears, and some great memories. Thanks for the memories my friend. and I knew it was B LOL. Merry Christmas.

  8. I can’t choose, they are all handsome and far too young. I guess we all have loved ones we miss and it really comes out at Christmas more than ever. Wishing you a merry Christmas with your family. 🎁

  9. Wow…longevity sure does run in your family! I love the photo of your Grand Father and Grand Mother!

    Alright, I tried to do my homework before guessing by scanning through some of your earlier pics to comare A.B and C to you and your brood. None of the angles were quite right so I am working this out by elimination. C has too round a face, and B seems more egg shaped, so I am going for A! So in the end, my guess is only as good as everyone else’s…but I got to review a lot of really neat pictures and couldn’t help but notice that you do a very nice job on the consecutive action shots…hope to see more of those this next year. 😉

  10. Cheers to your mom as she approaches 90 and then passes it! I’m guessing “A” … and my dad was a teen in WW II. Merry Christmas to you and yours … and my your memories make you smile.

  11. I stared and stared….and I am going to say A (although C kept my attention, as well). I miss my dad and step-dad so much. The holidays are hard without them. My dad, especially, had a Christmas-y, child-like heart. Sigh.

    Glad you had one post left in you before the holiday. I love seeing your posts waiting in my email!! I pray you and Linda have a blessed Christmas, Rob!! 🙂

  12. I always think of my Grandmother at Christmas (where we stayed on her farm over the summer school/Christmas holidays when very young) so it was lovely to read this post of your own memories. My grandfathers died young.

    I can’t possibly work out which one, so I’ll take a random guess at ‘C’.

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