New Born.. what is nicer to see ?

New born wildebeest… what a sight to see….

Kalagadi 1227

Kalagadi 1222

But beware little ones, there are those that are watching you…

Kalagadi 1305


50 thoughts on “New Born.. what is nicer to see ?

  1. The new born wildbeest is adorable trying to take his first steps all on his own. Thank goodness the Lion is showing no interest. So cute is the little wildbeest!

    • Thanks they are so agile for such little fellows… funny it takes us humans almost years to walk and run… they do it in minutes… its that or be eaten…

  2. Hmm, kind of what it is in our human world too. New borns, babies and all are one exciting, happy moment and event. Gives is hope that good things and new positive beginnings/hope will come. It’s a rebirth of everything that is pure and true. I hope our new generation will create a world way better, kinder than ours not just for 2014 but for the generations to come. God bless you and your family always.

  3. Awwww, he is so adorable Rob! I do hope Mr Lion finds something else to eat. 😀
    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos my friend. *hugs*

    • I wonder if we could feed the lion cat pellets to save the young? lol.. yes such is nature, in this case he merely lay and watched them pass… thanks for the visit and comment, some how you are always there to comment on my posts and for that I’m extremely privileged and thankful… have a good one Sonel…

  4. Would also like to take this opportunity to wish Rob, Linda, their closest and our Rhodie families all over the globe a blessed and prosperous New Year ahead. Sure we will all be on board again oohing and over Bulldog’s adventures captured on film.

    • Zita you are so kind with your words… yes a good Rhodie New Year to you and all that follow the wanderings of a Rhodesian Bulldog… with a trip to Etosha National Park this year, or should I say next year? lets say 2014, I should have enough material to keep me going for a year or two… have a good one and thank you for continuing to follow my adventures…

  5. The little wildebeest new born calf is the epitome of the wonderful animal creation, so perfect without human assistance. Let us hope that that the lion lying in wait did NOT attack the defenceless little one.

    • Hi Zita.. nice to see you here… fortunately for the young in this case he merely lay and watched them pass… it is wonderful to see the new born, yet reality says there is a possibility that the young may become the next meal of a predator… we can only hope that speed and health gives it the required survival we all want them to have… but such is life, as we celebrate the new born… have a great New Year and may it bring you all you wish for yourself…

  6. Awwww! nothing quite like motherhood in the animal world!
    one time a stray mother cat (who looked as if she hadn’t eaten in a month,) dragged herself and 2 little kittens onto my back porch. I put out a large food bowl and though obviously starved, she waited until her kittens had finished before coming toward the bowl. If that didn’t say everything about motherhood, I don’t know what else could– I literally sat on the back stoop and cried.

    • What a lovely story… we see it quite often in nature where a parent will attack the predator to try and save the young, as is shown in the video clip on youtube “battle in Kruger” where the buffalo save a youngster from both lion and crocodile…

    • I doubt it… the moose being Alces alces and the wildebeest Connochaetes taurinus now there’s two names to get your Canadian accent around… you should hear it when I try to get my South African accent around them… lol

        • (Laughing) if there was any kind of family closeness it would show in the Latin names of the Moose and Wildebeest… and as you can see they are far from anything like each other… (still laughing, I can picture you sitting there nodding)

  7. Great photos Rob. Wildlife programmes featuring Africa are very popular on UK TV at present, usually concentrating on food chain issues, weather influences and the constant fight for survival – all very interesting.

  8. Same thing in Canada with wolves killing the young bison. Not nice to watch (even on TV). I guess you’ll have to station yourself between the lion and the wildebeests permanently. But then you’ll start to feel sorry for the starving lions….

    • I do agree with you Maralee., and have witnessed a few kills in my time, not that I have ever got used to it… I do cheer when the victim manages to evade the predator… must be something about the underdog that I admire…

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