The Old and New… as a year changes.

When sitting in front of the laptop this morning, contemplating the end of 2013 and wondering what 2014 has in store for us, it struck me the Old Years Day, or New Years Eve scenario.

Can we consider 2013 to now be “Old”  and 2014 to be “New” ? if one looks at the three photos below, the first of Linda and I starting a early morning journey in (the second photo) a MG of 1960 odd vintage and then the 2013 F Type Jaguar.. Now that is old and new personified.




The next two photos show adults with their young… do we consider this the Old and New ??

Kalagadi 305

Kalagadi 417

But if I dared say this was a photo of the old and new… I would probably loose a finger or two… would Linda be old and our Grand daughter new ? What would my son then be ? Middle aged ?


But there would be no problem in calling the next photo of an old person, as it has a certain ring of truth to it…


But to return to the years 2013 and 2014 are they really old and new?  I remember in the years long passed when this time of the year had a certain excitement to it, “Hey another year gone” seemed to be rejoiced, whereas now the time seems to fly by and I’m not sure I’m ready to start saying it’s 2014.

I pray it will be a good year, after all, it starts off with a New Moon which happened last 19 years ago. Jeeez has the moon now also become old and is returning new?

Consider the fact, New Zealand is going to experience 2014 before the rest of us, for that matter, about 11 hours before I do and almost 22 hours before America does… can they let us know what it is like, and if necessary we can cancel ours?

Now this is the rambling of a mind that definitely needs a cuppa tea and a cigarette… look at me relaxing in that pool, does that look like an old man? No, but my Grand kids call me old, so we can call 2013 old and 2014 new, it is just a word which I consider has no meaning but is just an indicator of what is past and what is to come… Now I’m going to clear the mind with a cuppa tea and a cigarette and contemplate the position of my navel, why could it not be on my back?…

Have a Happy New Year everyone and may 2014 bring you everything you wish for yourself…