The Old and New… as a year changes.

When sitting in front of the laptop this morning, contemplating the end of 2013 and wondering what 2014 has in store for us, it struck me the Old Years Day, or New Years Eve scenario.

Can we consider 2013 to now be “Old”  and 2014 to be “New” ? if one looks at the three photos below, the first of Linda and I starting a early morning journey in (the second photo) a MG of 1960 odd vintage and then the 2013 F Type Jaguar.. Now that is old and new personified.




The next two photos show adults with their young… do we consider this the Old and New ??

Kalagadi 305

Kalagadi 417

But if I dared say this was a photo of the old and new… I would probably loose a finger or two… would Linda be old and our Grand daughter new ? What would my son then be ? Middle aged ?


But there would be no problem in calling the next photo of an old person, as it has a certain ring of truth to it…


But to return to the years 2013 and 2014 are they really old and new?  I remember in the years long passed when this time of the year had a certain excitement to it, “Hey another year gone” seemed to be rejoiced, whereas now the time seems to fly by and I’m not sure I’m ready to start saying it’s 2014.

I pray it will be a good year, after all, it starts off with a New Moon which happened last 19 years ago. Jeeez has the moon now also become old and is returning new?

Consider the fact, New Zealand is going to experience 2014 before the rest of us, for that matter, about 11 hours before I do and almost 22 hours before America does… can they let us know what it is like, and if necessary we can cancel ours?

Now this is the rambling of a mind that definitely needs a cuppa tea and a cigarette… look at me relaxing in that pool, does that look like an old man? No, but my Grand kids call me old, so we can call 2013 old and 2014 new, it is just a word which I consider has no meaning but is just an indicator of what is past and what is to come… Now I’m going to clear the mind with a cuppa tea and a cigarette and contemplate the position of my navel, why could it not be on my back?…

Have a Happy New Year everyone and may 2014 bring you everything you wish for yourself…


71 thoughts on “The Old and New… as a year changes.

  1. Excellent Blog to start the New Year. Happy New Year! Continue to capture the breathtaking shots and share with us.

  2. This with old and new … I agree with you – it’s just another day that we get out of bed on – and of course there will be another figure add to our age, but that is it. Still I want to wish Linda and you – only the best with the days that lays ahead of you. Great photos … you suit the pool. Nice car .. I would love you to show me what it can do. *laughing.

    • Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to drive the Jag… I think they realised I would have tried to get it to its top speed 318 k/h.. but I did get to start it to listen to the growl…

  3. Happy New Year 2014, it is official Rob. Your DRIVE down memory lane in 007’s 1960 MG red racer was a royal kick start to the year which many of us hope will be a BETTER year for all of us. I echo many of your followers’ sentiments and look forward to being on board with your interesting adventures during the year with awesome photos to ooh and ah over as always. The word OLD does not feature in your book, forever young with a zest of life so good to behold. Wow your mom 90 years old, what a privilege to still have her in your life. How my sister(Bulawayo) and I (Pretoria) miss our late mom..! Until again I wish you, Linda and family ENOUGH……..

    • Zita once again thank you so much for your continued support and such gracious comments… you make my day as Clint Eastwood would say, not in a bad way but in the best way… with a visit to Etosha coming up this year I should have enough photos to take me through the years to come… till then it will be the photos I can get locally…

  4. Though it was cold, you made everything warm with your big, generous adventurous heart. 2013 was a great blogging year because of blogger friends like you. You kept us feeling good and yes, excited with you amazing posts. Happy New Year and best of 2014 to you and your family.

    • The one I drove that day so many years ago.. we actually bought and completely rebuilt from chassis up… it was a delightful car but not really very one that you hang on to for too long… it was not my own but a very good friends and he had two of them… we came up to the Rand from Mpumalanga specially for an old car day… but why we had to drive with the top down in the middle of the winter I’ll never know, but it was fun…

  5. Is new just a good thing and old just bad? I’m definitely ready for 2014, and I wish you all the best this year. Looking forward to more great posts from you 🙂

  6. Love your old and new photos, bulldog. On Christmas day, my granddaughter told me that she thought I must be 43. That was the best present for me. 😀 Happy new Year to you and Linda.
    “Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

  7. and Happy New Year to you too, Bulldog.
    2014 must be a good year……remember the world was supposed to end in Dec 2012 when the Mayan Calendar ended.

  8. Old? New? It’s all relative! Though my body is undeniably aging, my heart is more youthful than when I was younger. Pictures like the ones you post come from the heart of a youthful man! Whatever we are…we’re going to be even better in 2014! Happy New Year, mate!

    • Thank you Mrs P. I do agree and so does Linda, she decided to follow her inner age and play football with a young family member, ending with a broken rib that has reminded her of her actual age… lol… no real damage and it will heal… but yes, when it comes to the inner age and outer age, I always go with the inner… lol

  9. Bellissimo come hai rappresentato il “vecchio” e il “nuovo”, sei di una simpatia dirompente, simpaticissimo 😛 😛
    Felice Anno Nuovo carissimo, che porti tanta serenità, felicità e positività a te, alla tua famiglia e a tutte le persone a te care.
    Ciao, Patrizia

  10. Wonderful reflections for the old and new year. The passing of time certainly has picked up speed, but I guess that’s called living. I don’t think there’s a way to stop this train that’s suddenly turned into the express! I’ve enjoyed reading about your beautiful country and it’s fascinating wildlife, along with your charming family tales over the year. May you and yours be showered with love and continued good times in 2014.

    • Elisa .. thank you very much… the speed of the time train is relative to either older age or enjoyment… I’m going with the enjoyment scenario, will you join me on that??

  11. You hit the nail on the head with this one. I used to love New Year’s Eve. Now I think where did that year go? It only seems moments since the turn of the century. And that sounds like something my grandmother would have said! Happy New Year to you and your family. I am now raising a nice cup of tea to you.

  12. Aww, you look so relaxed lounging in the pool, and remember you’re not getting older, you’re getting better :). Happy New Year my wonderful blogging friend – may it be full of wonderful adventures and happiness overflowing!

  13. Like your thoughts and your cars and wish you well for next year. Although I’ve experienced some excellent New Year celebrations, I’m not a great fan, so intend to have a quiet one and enjoy the benefits of a clear head tomorrow. Yipes, I must be getting old.

  14. Old and new….. past and future, lets embrace the coming new year and make it the best ever….. we can direct it and greet it with positiveness and happiness…. and then go on like that. A very happy new year to you and Linda!

  15. You made me smile with these old and new photographs… As always you are amazing dear Rob.
    You are one of my beautiful blogger friends, dear Rob, Thank you for being there and for being YOU. Thank you for sharing with us the beauties of your country… and Thank you for your visiting and amazing comments. Can’t be enough my words, you always added beauties to my humble days… Blessing and Happiness to you and to your wife with your family. Love, nia

    • Thank you Nia… you are probably my longest follower and for that I am eternally grateful… may your New Year be all you want it to be and may our friendship continue for ever… have a good one…

  16. Happy Older New Year to You and Linda and Family and Friends from Newer Old Year of Sherry and Missy Mo and Family and Friends… You Folks have created a warm cozy spot in our hearts forever. Happy 2014!

    • Sherry you Darling.. nice to see a comment from you… May your 2014 be the best it can be and thank you for such lovely words… you have a special place in our hearts as well…

    • May you two have a very good New Year and yep I’d like to know if it is a good or bad one… so that I can head west to try and avoid it … or if anything slow down its arrival.. lol

  17. I definitely need another cup of coffee Rob and we’re not called old anymore, but antique. LOL!
    Great photo’s to show the old and new my friend. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*

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