White-throated Swallow.. Eliza from My Fair Lady…

rietvlei 10 01 2014 042

rietvlei 10 01 2014 176

rietvlei 10 01 2014 178

rietvlei 10 01 2014 083

rietvlei 10 01 2014 432

rietvlei 10 01 2014 082

rietvlei 10 01 2014 430

Apologies to Alan Jay Lerner….

rietvlei 10 01 2014 069

rietvlei 10 01 2014 075


68 thoughts on “White-throated Swallow.. Eliza from My Fair Lady…

  1. Beautiful shots of so many different poses. The words you chose are perfect for each photo. So many smiles from these shots.

  2. I am sitting at the computer laughing and Terry is wondering what the heck is going on. He came over to take a look and says to pass on that he is very impressed with your photography. You picked the perfect song for these shots Bulldog. πŸ™‚

  3. Whahahahaha! I truly enjoyed this Rob. Love your captions but the photo’s stole my heart! Stunning shots my friend. πŸ˜€ *big hugs*

  4. No man Bulldog, your captions get better and better (if at all possible) I am forwarding this to Walt Disney Studios for their next full length animation of My Fair Birdie with ELIZA the swallow in the lead role. Love it…so uplifting.

  5. Ha ha. I love it! Beautiful photos, too. So clear. I love the sound of swallows. They have a chuckling kind of song that makes them sound happy all the time. The best thing is they eat so many insects!

    • Thanks Ingrid… but this bird should get the credit… it sat on a stick 3 metres away from me and danced away.. I started to sing the song in the hide,,,, lucky I was alone, I noticed the hippo came to see who had entered his turf…

    • This bird sat down in front of me this morning at the bird hide and danced away… I started to sing the song then… the post wrote itself… thank you…

  6. What an incredible post!! I loved it!! Thank you, Bulldog, for putting a HUGE smile on my face!!! You are awesome! Going to be singing that song all day now! Love it!

    • Thanks Skye… been singing the song since early this morning when the bird sat in front of me and made all these movements… it just seemed to be saying to me that is what the post will be today…

      • lol…just was humming it whilst making my eggs. Think I may do a theatrical production for the kiddies when they wake up as I serve their pancakes. I will tell them it was Bulldog inspired. πŸ™‚

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