Little Egret… Bob Dylan’s Blowing in the Wind…

Little Egret (Egretta garzetta)

I was only going to post this on Monday, but seeing that “whichwaynow101” beat me to it today, I brought the post forward.. She is such a card and I love to pull her leg, click on the link to see her post….

I sat and ponder the point yesterday when this bird was preening itself right in front of me. Do we take photos of birds to include all from the head to the feet? Must the eye be clear showing its colours? and the sunlight be just right for the perfect shot?

Well I decided that it was not so. I so enjoyed the way the wind was blowing this birds feathers that with a bit of zoom I captured the blowing feathers… So I go with Bob Dylan on this one… “The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind, The answer is blowin’ in the wind.” I include a link to a short youtube version of this song… sheeez I was still a teenager when he sang this…. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE LINK … and here are the photos…

rietvlei 10 01 2014 472

rietvlei 10 01 2014 527

rietvlei 10 01 2014 532

rietvlei 10 01 2014 538

rietvlei 10 01 2014 544

rietvlei 10 01 2014 537

rietvlei 10 01 2014 528

So in some photos he has no head or feet…. is that a crime? Am I committing photography suicide here? I don’t think so………… and in any case I don’t give a damn, its my camera and my blog…. I love it…