Can one do with Zebras, what Zannyro does with horse photographs?

I have always been amazed at Zannyro’s ability to capture horses in the most unbelievable way. I add a link to her section on “Bob” her famous horse that she has taken so many photos of. CLICK HERE TO GO TO SECTION.

If you scroll down to her post (2nd one) of “Ninja Bob” she has a photo that I managed to capture something similar to with the Zebra… and here is the photo…

rietvlei 10 01 2014 559

I loved that I managed to capture this as a comparison to her fantastic eye for horse photography… but when I compare the two photos, mine is not as dramatic as hers… I’ve tried capturing horses like she does and they do not cooperate in the same manner, so I thought I’d try with Zebra…………….. It didn’t work….. So Zannyro, I need a few tips… come on you’ve sold a book or two, help me with the Zebra…. here are a few other photos I captured, hoping for the dramatic look she manages to capture with horses….…

rietvlei 10 01 2014 603

rietvlei 10 01 2014 546

rietvlei 10 01 2014 556

rietvlei 10 01 2014 561

rietvlei 10 01 2014 549

It was not easy getting these wild animals to cooperate…. backwards and forwards with the car trying to herd them into some form of order…. Damn things think they crossings and that is all…..