A Travesty of Justice, an Elephant pays the price for peoples stupidity.

Please watch this video clip, you don’t see anyone getting hurt except the car. Although I believe the occupants did receive medical treatment.


This is a travesty of justice, as the elephant was shot and killed by the authorities after the incident. Apparently the Bull was in musk and therefore a little touchy, much the same as PMS. This happened in our world famous Kruger National Park.

if you watch the video one can see the driver was already being a touch stupid, he is too close to the elephant. He is showing signs of agitation and therefore should be given a little room.

The car approaches closer, what is this guy an idiot?

The elephant stops and turns, brake lights are seen, but where are the reverse lights… again is this guy an idiot?

The elephant has given his warning, he is approaching the car with ears wide and a look of being agitated, the camera car is now turning around something the other car should have done immediately. BLOODY IDIOT !!!!!

The elephant goes to the side and gives a short mock charge, he’s saying “get the hell out of here or I’m going to squash you” The car sits dead still, he could have moved forward and evaded the attack, what does he think that small car is bigger than the elephant? BLOODY IDIOT !!!

The elephant moves to the other side of the car and says “you don’t want to listen? I’ll show you” he then proceeds to turn the car and flips it. rolling the car off into the bush…

This elephant gave enough warning to the occupants believed to be tourists. It is in musk and sees you as possible competition for any female, take the warning, you can’t win against this bull.

They shot the elephant, a travesty of justice, they should have shot the occupants. An innocent Bull looses it’s life due to the stupidity of a tourist. Be warned people this is Africa and these are not zoo animals, they are wild, don’t try to drive your car up the arse of an elephant, they are not partial to close encounters of this type.

Another great animal gets killed unnecessarily… I cry for his life that has ended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!