A Travesty of Justice, an Elephant pays the price for peoples stupidity.

Please watch this video clip, you don’t see anyone getting hurt except the car. Although I believe the occupants did receive medical treatment.


This is a travesty of justice, as the elephant was shot and killed by the authorities after the incident. Apparently the Bull was in musk and therefore a little touchy, much the same as PMS. This happened in our world famous Kruger National Park.

if you watch the video one can see the driver was already being a touch stupid, he is too close to the elephant. He is showing signs of agitation and therefore should be given a little room.

The car approaches closer, what is this guy an idiot?

The elephant stops and turns, brake lights are seen, but where are the reverse lights… again is this guy an idiot?

The elephant has given his warning, he is approaching the car with ears wide and a look of being agitated, the camera car is now turning around something the other car should have done immediately. BLOODY IDIOT !!!!!

The elephant goes to the side and gives a short mock charge, he’s saying “get the hell out of here or I’m going to squash you” The car sits dead still, he could have moved forward and evaded the attack, what does he think that small car is bigger than the elephant? BLOODY IDIOT !!!

The elephant moves to the other side of the car and says “you don’t want to listen? I’ll show you” he then proceeds to turn the car and flips it. rolling the car off into the bush…

This elephant gave enough warning to the occupants believed to be tourists. It is in musk and sees you as possible competition for any female, take the warning, you can’t win against this bull.

They shot the elephant, a travesty of justice, they should have shot the occupants. An innocent Bull looses it’s life due to the stupidity of a tourist. Be warned people this is Africa and these are not zoo animals, they are wild, don’t try to drive your car up the arse of an elephant, they are not partial to close encounters of this type.

Another great animal gets killed unnecessarily… I cry for his life that has ended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

74 thoughts on “A Travesty of Justice, an Elephant pays the price for peoples stupidity.

  1. I first read this the day you posted. Internet problems prevented me from commenting. Nothing could stop the wave of tears I felt welling and still can’t. Human ignorance is it’s own karmic peril. When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn…

    • Thank you Aurora… there have been further developments in the case and I believe the occupants can be charged for some odd law… hope they get a heavy fine… it will not replace the elephant but maybe the news will warn others not to endanger the animals with their stupidity… I actually have a photo of a man and his kids that got out of the car to photograph elephant and their young… I kept the camera ready to prove the eleis were not at fault… but they were lucky they didn’t get charged by the matriarch…

      • No kidding. A friend posted something about banning people eating lion meat and I nearly fainted. I didn’t even know that people would do such things. Still. Now. Knowing all we know about extinction nevermind the insanity in a world where many are tipping in the garbage daily enough to feed a family of five while the other side of the globe or even across their own cities people stand in food bank lines or die of hunger related issues. Shake my head every day.

  2. This makes me absolutely sick. The elephant paid the ultimate price of pure stupidity who obviously has NO respect for wildlife. Total disgusting shame! What is so hard to understand about respecting wildlife and “their space.” The epitome of waste.

  3. What a shame! They recently put down an elk that approached a photographer in the Great Smokey Mountains. In that case the photog wasn’t too close at first, but the bull had become accustomed to humans invading its space so it invaded his. Respect for wildlife and their space is crucial. This was such a waste.

  4. I was not able to see the video due to a copyright claim but I know how I would feel, just as you do Bulldog! When we lived in Yellowstone NP we so often saw people getting far too close to the wildlife and consequently injuries occurred. It is very sad that these beautiful, wild creatures pay the ultimate price for our stupidity.

  5. I didn’t get to see the video, but I can imagine it, having seen elephants in the wild. They are so beautiful, and they do warn you if you get too close. I truly don’t understand why they shot the elephant, what possible reason could they have for that? It makes no sense.

    • You are so right… a response from the administrators of the Park is that there was a fear that the elephant might attack more cars… they did admit the elephant gave all the warnings that went unheeded, yet felt it might be a danger to others…. my feeling if you ride up the arse of an elephant and then don’t drive away when it gives a warning… you deserve what you get…

  6. And all started by the idiot behind the wheel who is out there thinking it is cool, yet without knowing the dangers. Must be a tourist … and the final outcome is such a shame.

    BTW … the videos are no longer available.

    • Thanks Maralee… I can’t see why the authorities shot the elephant when it just acted naturally… gave all the warnings… I’m sorry but those people deserved it and more…

  7. Questo video dimostra quanto gli umani si credono superiori agli animali e quindi liberi di fare quello che vogliono. Povero elefante, ucciso per la stupidità delle persone. Mi dispiace tantissimo 😦

  8. I watched that as well as another from Krueger on following the rules. I was amazed at how the tourists seem to completely disregard the rules…they seem to get so caught up in seeing wild animals up close that they lose all their senses and put themselves in obvious harms way. I am surprised there aren’t more incidences. It’s wrong to have the animals suffer because people can’t behave.

    • You are so right Mrs P. I have a photo of a tourist out of his car walking towards an elephant with its young, the most dangerous thing to do… I have a phot of a couple out of their car taking photos of klip springers a small buck while the Lion stood at our car and watched them… the lion would have had them before they returned to the car… and when we made a noise to attract there attention to the fact they just waved back… idiots…

  9. This brings such profound sadness to me. Why are some people so absolutely stupid? We can all learn much from this. Consciousness on this planet is rising but sadly too late for this wonderful creature and many others in harm’s way from stupid humans.

    • There are warnings in the park to be on the watch out for Bulls that are a tad jumpy… there are enough photos of cars that have been damaged by elephant… yet one still gets idiots…

  10. They shot it?! Oh my gosh, that is beyond a travesty! This makes me so very, very sad, and angry. An amazing, magnificent creature killed because of human stupidity…

    • Thansk Sherri, it is so unfair that an animal gives you all the time in the world to get away and you just sit there… I think they were looking for a special photo and ended up getting flattened… they should be so ashamed of themselves that they never admit it was them…

  11. Couldn’t look at the video……couldn’t hit the like button…this is just too painful…. There needs to be some form of punishment if you are caught provoking an animal! This was ON VIDEO…from what you all are saying it is CLEAR that they pushed the animal to respond according to it’s nature……I hope they rethink this and make an example of these people in some way……the park is HOME for these animals….in my mind it’s a “home invasion” and the tourists should be in jail.

  12. Yeah, we see stupid tourists in Colorado all the time. Said story and the authorities obviously shot the wrong animal…..shoot the stupid ones before they can breed!

    • I think he was trying to get the photograph and did not believe the elephant would do any thing… I’ve been chased by elephant, and I write about it in my book, my father was charge right in front of me while my mother caught it on 8 mm film… and he taught me all the signs and I’ve spent hours watching them… they give you all the signs, when they do… get the hell out of there… I wonder if they got the shot????

      • Wow, there is no doubt you have experience in this area. Scary story about your dad and mom there.

        If he didn’t get a picture of the bull, perhaps he got one of his tumbled car!

        This post is highly educational for me. Thank you bulldog.

  13. I agree, they should have shot the occupants. I don’t even want to think about this beautiful animal being killed because of a tourist’s stupidity. Wasn’t there a guide with them? Didn’t anyone tell these people to not do what they did? Do they make the tourists aware of elephants that are in musk season and how to see signs of that? Sorry, too many questions. I am just too angry now…

  14. That’s just awful, there are no words. They had plenty of time to back away, it’s not like the elephant just charged at them from nowhere, but even if he had, that wouldn’t justify putting it down because it’s they’re environment and if they feel threatened, they will react, they are wild animals!!!

    By the way, I’m not sure if you’re aware, or if you made a deliberate choice, but when you’re on YouTube, down where it says about sharing the video, if you click on the ‘Embed’ tab and copy and paste that, then the video will embed right into your post – I always think more people will watch a video if it’s within the post rather than them having to follow the link elsewhere. I’m going to try it right now here in the comment because it usually works in comments too (you can delete it if you don’t want it here!)

    • You are right Skye, it does not take an expert to realise that the elephant gave them so much warning… and they just sat there… and don’t let anyone say they were frightened… if your frightened you run… I want to know how many photos did they take…

  15. That really is the most stupid thing I ever saw anybody do! Why the hell did they shoot the elephant? He was clearly justified in what he did! I hate it when people do stupid and cruel things to animals and then claim injury! This is upsetting on so many levels. There is never any justice for animals… 😦

  16. I’ve seen this yesterday on television, Bulldog and we were flabbergasted about the injustice that they did to the elephant. It’s his environment, those people have to be ashamed of themselves. Looked like they were provocing the animal. Stupid, nasty and undeserved…my heart is with the elephant.

    • I so agree… it does not take some one with my experience to see that elei was upset… and the fact he gave so much warning and they just sat there…. IDIOTS… and the poor animal has to pay with his life…

    • So right Col… the video clip shows the elephant was totally innocent… he acted in a warning manner, could they not see the impending danger…. it is a no brainer…

  17. with you Bulldog and so often the case even with domestic animals. Our chooks were killed by wandering dogs recently, totally gutted at the destruction of my girls but being a dog lover I’m gutted the dogs are going to loose their lives when it was the dickhead irresponsible owner who was surf casting on the beach who left the dogs to wander for FOUR hours – dogs will be shot – owner maybe gets a fine. Animals are always the ones to suffer – we’re not that harsh on humans with some of the horrific things we do to each other. I haven’t watched the video clip – elephants are my all time favourite animals, never seen one in the wild but really – not rocket science to give them the respect they deserve. Heart goes out.

    • People can be so stupid, and the animals suffer for their stupidity… just doesn’t seem fair… maybe I love the animals more than humans, don’t know, but there should be some kind of repercussions more than just the elephant being shot…

  18. No man Bulldog this video tells it all. Worse to see than hear of the tragic incident in which the elephant bull paid the ultimate price because of IDIOTIC tourists with no respect for the wild. He gave them ample time with his warnings to BACK OFF which they totally ignored.!!!! I echo your anger and feel the tourists should serve a month or two in jail for this unacceptable harassment. So angry…!

    • I so go with you on this one Zita, although I don’t agree on the jail time, much much longer, they killed an animal… poor animal suffers for their stupidity, they should pay a heave penalty…

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