An Egret a Day.. Keeps the squirts at bay…

Well an Egret a day, they tell me, keeps the squirts at bay… and these are just a sample of what I’ve capture lately…

But a heron a day keeps the squirts at bay..



Do you know why their feet are yellow ?? So they don’t bite their own feet under water… No they walked through yellow paint… or they like yellow socks…. who knows the answer…. I don’t…



and this bloke can attest to the fact that a heron a day keeps the squirts at bay… or so he thought…


What a capture Bulldog… who poops on their own door step ?? Only this guy, and right in my face too…


50 thoughts on “An Egret a Day.. Keeps the squirts at bay…

  1. I am hysterically laughing at the last shot which you nailed unintentionally or not! Too too funny! All of the shots are great!

  2. Fantastic shots as usual Rob and as usual you made me smile with the last photo. Excellent shot my friend. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*

    • Thank you… the last photo was not on purpose just one of 11 shots taken in 3 seconds… but it was a surprise when I down loaded.,.. and I couldn’t stop laughing at my luck, had to share it…

    • Thank you for the comment… the last was meant to be a flight capture and I was set up for just that… it twitched and I hit the button… 11 photos later this was one of them…

  3. ha-ha – that last shot is brilliant. Not happy with our Blue Heron that hangs around – little did I know the day he posed for us for photos – by the pond and then the lookout seat, he had just eaten all our frogs and tadpoles – not happy, not happy at all!

  4. I really like your third shot Rob. With regard your last shot, you must have had a fast shutter speed to capture it in full flow.

    • Thank you… the last capture was not intentional… I’d set up for a flight shot where I take 7 shots at 3 per second… I thought he was about to fly not take a dump… lol

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