Black Heron … On a mission for food ….

Black Heron (Egretta ardesiaca) also known as the Black Egret.

A black heron on a mission to find food…. I don’t know how many of you remember my post on his hunting technique… so I add a quick link to it. CLICK HERE OR HERE AND IF YOU LIKE HERE.

This little guy was very active in the dirty water shooting here and there looking for a spot of food… here are a few of my captures….





The yellow feet still fascinate me and I found this on the net… “This is a specialized Egretta, well adapted to its peculiar feeding behaviour. For example its flight feathers are particularly broad and its plumes also are shaped to help complete the closed canopy. Its distinctively coloured feet are similar to other egrets, but interestingly unlike the other species, the Black Heron’s legs do not change colour in the breeding season, suggesting that dark legs are important in the functioning of the Canopy behaviour….


I love the plumage on this bird… the long feathers on the back are a special feature… all part of the canopy when fishing…



and now for the canopy fishing position…

tania 040

This was a very well behaved bird…. no pooping in Bulldogs face…

55 thoughts on “Black Heron … On a mission for food ….

  1. These are wonderful photographs. I am astounded by his hooded hunting technique. Amazing how nature modifies itself for survival. I looked at the technique in the other post too. This is fascinating stuff, Rob.

  2. The feather detail is fantastic. He looks like he’s wearing a sumptuous black cape. And then to hold his canopy fishing position for you was amazing. I’ve only seen pictures of that online. 😀

  3. Fish hunting in style! Beautiful plumage, impressive canopy hunting position, fascinating habits, Black Heron rocks! Have a great weekend my friend. Best of blessings to you & your family.

  4. The canopy shot was very interesting. Do they really do that for fishing? The spread out wings would make shade and the fish would swim towards it, like they would to any shadow made by surface weeds, I suppose. But how tricky he is!!

    • They are fascinating to watch… they will rush to a spot, form the canopy and pop out again moving on to the next spot… they are very efficient fisherman that I can tell you, so what ever it is it works for them…

    • I think you would laugh if you had to see me dodging here and there, trying to anticipate what the bird is going to do… has it seen me? must I hide more? peeping around trees as I stalk them… I must look a real card while at it…

    • Thank you Ingrid… so glad you’re getting some bird photography in… keep at it, it gets easier when you start creeping around on your belly to get the shot…

  5. Those yellow feet are great. I saw the pic with the feet and thought – way cool and then the very next scroll down you mention them again – great minds think alike my friend. 🙂

  6. I think you have introduced this magnificent bird to me before. Fantastic gallery – stunning bird – my favorite is the last of the bunch. Can see every feather on his wings and back. Very regal. Missed beginning of this post, were it say you have done an earlier post.

  7. hahahah, loved the last one Rob! Stunning shots as usual my friend. They are so beautiful and you’ve captured them so well! Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs to you and Linda*

  8. Beautiful photos, Bulldog. What a beautiful bird. God’s creation is just so fascinating, isn’t it? He had a purpose for making those yellow feet. Just amazes me. I am so thankful you bring this to myself and my family so willingly. And no pooping today!! Yay!! =)

  9. Great shots today Rob. For a moment in the third and fourth pictures I thought the bird was surfing across the water, but it’s just my vivid imagination. As you say, amazing feet and fishing technique, both of which I have never seen before.

    • Thanks Brian… the yellow is found on the small egret as well, it is a wader, but does not use the “hood” to fish… I wonder about its yellow feet as well…

  10. Quite an interesting bird. I’m fascinated by it’s legs! The first two “blue” photos are absolutely beautiful. Blessings my friend!

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