Grey Crowned Crane .. An Unusual Perspective ..

Once again I’ve taken a few different photos of the Grey Crowned Crane… something that to me is a tad more artistic and pleasing to my eye… here they are…


That’s what they look like and these are a bit different…







and now for a lame joke… no a duck joke…

There was a duck who walked into a store and said, “got any candy?” The storekeeper said, “no, we don’t.” The next day, the duck went into the same store and asked the same thing and got the same answer. The duck kept going back every day for a week and asked the same thing and kept getting the same answer until the store keeper got so angry he said, “if you come in here and ask that again, I will hit you on the head with a hammer!” The next day, the duck walks into the store and asks, “got a hammer?” The store keeper says, “no.” Then the duck asks, “got any candy?”