WWTF = What’s With The Focus?

While taking photos the other day, I was watching two birds interacting over the fishing rights of a small shallow spot of the dam. I was hoping to capture some kind of special photo when all of a sudden I saw what I show you below. I know there are no crocodiles in the dam, but if this was a fish then it had to be too big for either bird to be interested, or it was something else. The something else is unknown to me as nothing came to the surface, so I have to assume it was one big mother of a fish… What do you think ..??

The title of this post was my verbal outburst when I saw the happening, and my photo focus can attest to the speed at which I took the photos, no time was allowed as this was one fast moving “thing”….



What ever it was it did disturb a few small fish as the little heron captured a bonus fish to eat.. as can be seen in the lower photo…