WWTF = What’s With The Focus?

While taking photos the other day, I was watching two birds interacting over the fishing rights of a small shallow spot of the dam. I was hoping to capture some kind of special photo when all of a sudden I saw what I show you below. I know there are no crocodiles in the dam, but if this was a fish then it had to be too big for either bird to be interested, or it was something else. The something else is unknown to me as nothing came to the surface, so I have to assume it was one big mother of a fish… What do you think ..??

The title of this post was my verbal outburst when I saw the happening, and my photo focus can attest to the speed at which I took the photos, no time was allowed as this was one fast moving “thing”….



What ever it was it did disturb a few small fish as the little heron captured a bonus fish to eat.. as can be seen in the lower photo…





68 thoughts on “WWTF = What’s With The Focus?

  1. You were surely observant to notice their reticence! And I like the idea of someone getting a “bonus” fish! I enjoy the way you notice not just their beauty, but their behaviors. They really are interesting.

  2. I don’t know what it is, but it sure made for wonderful images! Underwater moving stuff creeps me out! Obviously, it didn’t scare off the birds so it must have been some kind of big fish. Interesting, as always, Rob!

    • Spoke to an expert who informs me it must be a barbel (catfish) but a big one… this dam is in the city in one of the protected parks…. would be one for the books if we had a croc walking down the main street…. wonder if it would pay attention to the robats and stop on red?? Our taxis don’t… lol

  3. I have to say Bulldog I have learn a thing or two with your blog, when I was near the sea I capture some seagulls and though of you, how would bulldog take these cute animals, and I think I got some pretty nice pictures. Love these pictures like always.

  4. Gli uccelli restano tranquilli, probabilmente non si trattava di nulla di pericoloso, Forse qualche pesce che si era impigliato in un groviglio di erba e se lo trascinava dietro facendo quello strano effetto!!!
    Ciao, Pat

  5. It couldn’t been anything that wanted birds for dinner – I think it has been a bit of “land” – a tangle – or what ever it can be called. going down stream. The birds are not worried neither or a massive fish as you thought. Brilliant gallery and you didn’t shake the hand while taking the photos. Brilliant job. I suppose we will never find out what it was neither.

  6. Something really big and something that didn’t bother the birds at all…not a predator…hippo would be my best guess.

    • Too shallow for a hippo and they would also surface at some stage… I think it was a massive barbel or catfish as they are better known… the water is not deeper than two feet there…

  7. What a great series. I guess we’ll never know and can only use our imaginations.

    A Turtle on coke or what?

    What big monsters do you get in this ‘neck of the woods’. Croc. Alligator, Catfish grow pretty big.

    Was watching a great fishing/travel documentary the other night (which I’ve never seen before). Some well-known fisherman was fishing these great fishing spots somewhere in Asia (my short-term memory’s kaput) and I couldn’t believe the size of the monster fish he caught. Unreal. Wish I could remember the guy’s name and the country.

    • As I said, I know of no crocs or anything in the dam, so I think they were fairly safe and in fact never flew away or panicked.. so they must have known what it was and were not in the least frightened… It just peaked my interest as it could only be a fish, as I see it… but it would have to be a big fish… lol… as you can see the one even gained a meal from the encounter… natures way… but now I’m the one left with the unknown… mmmmmm sounds like a mystery story…

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