What Constitutes a Good Post… and how do we explain stats?

I often check on the stats of my blog, specially when WordPress lets me know there is an unusual viewing happening. Now as I blog for fun and it is a great way to share my photos, thoughts and other bull of the Bulldog, I don’t normally worry about how many people view a particular post.

However I’ve been astounded at what has happened in the last few days on one post I made in May last year. it was my post on Bushman’s hole or Boesmansgat a natural deep vertical cave in the Northern Cape province of my country. It was here that deep divers had lost their lives and my son and I had gone to look at this phenomenon of nature, this cave.

The post received the normal 100 odd reads in the first month yet continued to get reads throughout the rest of the year. This proved to be approx. 100 a month, which for my posts seemed unusual.. Now for the gob smacking fact, in the last week I have had 932 reads of this post and still climbing, they appear to be mainly out of America.

One wonders what is the sudden interest in the Bushman’s hole. A Google search finds my post on the first page, fairly close to the top and this would explain the possible reads, but what is causing people to search for a vertical cave in South Africa?

This internet thing never ceases to amaze me.

It now sits as my top post on the side of my blog, who will ever understand the power of the internet and the things that interest people so far away…