What Constitutes a Good Post… and how do we explain stats?

I often check on the stats of my blog, specially when WordPress lets me know there is an unusual viewing happening. Now as I blog for fun and it is a great way to share my photos, thoughts and other bull of the Bulldog, I don’t normally worry about how many people view a particular post.

However I’ve been astounded at what has happened in the last few days on one post I made in May last year. it was my post on Bushman’s hole or Boesmansgat a natural deep vertical cave in the Northern Cape province of my country. It was here that deep divers had lost their lives and my son and I had gone to look at this phenomenon of nature, this cave.

The post received the normal 100 odd reads in the first month yet continued to get reads throughout the rest of the year. This proved to be approx. 100 a month, which for my posts seemed unusual.. Now for the gob smacking fact, in the last week I have had 932 reads of this post and still climbing, they appear to be mainly out of America.

One wonders what is the sudden interest in the Bushman’s hole. A Google search finds my post on the first page, fairly close to the top and this would explain the possible reads, but what is causing people to search for a vertical cave in South Africa?

This internet thing never ceases to amaze me.

It now sits as my top post on the side of my blog, who will ever understand the power of the internet and the things that interest people so far away…


78 thoughts on “What Constitutes a Good Post… and how do we explain stats?

  1. I think wordpress messes with stats; for example, there was a post I had that got over 4878 views in one day – all from America, which is where wordpress offices are.

  2. That is quite interesting. I’ve never paid much attention for the same reasons as you and yet the past few months I’ve picked up more “followers” than one would imagine. Are our topics that interesting? Guess it doesn’t matter since it is all for fun.

  3. How interesting this is Bulldog! Just goes to show that you never know who is really reading but obviously you hit it right with the Google search criteria with this post, although, like you, I just can’t get to grips with all this Google SEO stuff 🙂

  4. I remember that post and I’ve been receiving the updates for new comments about it. but I had no idea it was getting that many hits. That’s awesome!
    Don’t you just love the randomness of the internet?

    • It frightens me to a certain extent… when one gets hits with out any apparent reason I get worried… now I know it was a radio story about the deaths that had people Google searching…

  5. That is so interesting! I do recall the post when you first wrote it, and it was fascinating. People tend to be drawn to drama, and there was plenty of true life drama in that story, and mystery as well.

  6. I never look at my stats either Rob and that is what I love about the internet. What we take for granted some times, others see as fascinating. 😀

    • Thanks Sonel… when I get a notice from WP saying there is unusual high activity I get quite nervous…. but this one ended up with an easy explanation, the story was rebroadcast on the one radio station in the USA and many went and googled it…. and there I was…

    • It can be disconcerting at times, but this one does have a reason, the story was broadcast on the radio in the USA and obviously people are now Googling it… glad some one could fill me in on that… as my post is a first page Google search I’m getting some traffic… quite enjoyable now that I know…

    • I believe the radio story broadcast in the USA has something to do with the unusual traffic, and having a first page Google position on my story has not done it too much harm…. however all the talk of SEOs etc are beyond me and I’m just pleased that whatever I did with the title of this post was right…

    • Thank you… at least I now have a reason for it… some times it frightens me when this happens… this internet that I don’t fully understand how it works…

    • I do agree on that… specially having now found out there was a broadcast on radio about the deaths in this hole… and people are obviously doing a Google search and found my post on a first page search…

  7. Your climbing stats being off the charts doesn’t surprise me as you are a phenomenal Blogger, the best of the best! It fascinates me how you respond to each and every comment while following all your followers. I miss your encouraging comments on my Blog, I hope I haven’t done something to offend you. Congratulations my friend.

    • I am still following you but have not received a notice of a post for a long time… I assumed you were on a sabbatical or something of the like… I will be over to your blog now now to see why I’m not receiving notices… WP can be odd on occasions…
      Thank you for such a nice comment… see you on your blog in the next few minutes…

      • I am having a lot of problems with WP and I don’t know how to resolve them. Thanks for coming back – I’m addicted to your encouraging words!

  8. Sometimes it’s fun just to sit back and enjoy the ride in wonderment and be grateful for the experience. I remember your post and reading the tragic story elsewhere. You posted about an interesting and beautiful place that has a story that resonates with a lot of people, and you provided excellent photos. I’m not at all surprised that the world found your wonderful post. May many who found your blog via that post like it so much that they now follow it. Congratulations, bulldog!

  9. Bulldog, I may know one of the reasons why this post had so many hits this month. About a week (or so) ago, National Public Radio re-broadcasted an old story (as they often do) about the rescue of the diver. Apparently, there were multiple divers at multiple levels and it was a very coordinated operation. The story was told from a human perspective, telling how Dave Shaw told Deon Dryer’s parents he would bring his son back. It was narrated by the gentleman (forgot his name) who was one level above Dave Shaw, who apparently tried to dive down to help but didn’t make it far. And then told how the two bodies floated up a few days later and how Dave recovered Deon’s body after all. I was so tuned to the people in the story I didn’t catch the place, but when I read your post I realized this was the place. What an interesting world it is.

    • Thank you Brenda that now makes a lot of sense, I linked to his article he wrote about the rescue operation and its so to say failure, I noticed there is a link back to my site on his link and I thought it could be from that. But then why the sudden interest? Now I know it is coming from the radio and obviously people a Google searching… my ranking on Google is good and this particular post is a first page search… makes perfect sense…. thank you…

    • You are so right… I suppose I should be used to it with 200 articles on another sight with 160 000 reads, yet some how I get nervous when one takes off on Word Press

  10. I noticed that the article was shared on Facebook. This is one way that an article can have life in the future. I subscribe to a few sites that look for stuff like this and share it with the world…sounds like someone liked it…and they’re doin’ lots of sharing! 🙂

  11. For whatever reason, your post has struck a popularity chord. I had a similar experience with a post on one occasion because it was featured on a particular site for a day, but the traffic returned to normal i.e. next to nothing equally quickly. Let’s assume your post is just fantastic and has gone viral because it is unique, useful, engaging, entertaining and all the other best post buzz words suggested by the gurus.

  12. It never ceases to amaze me how varied the stats are. I guess we all have different taste and different interests and more often than not, it’s the tags (and categories) that make or break a post.

    I remember being thrilled a couple of years ago when just starting out in my photography hobby and, Iris ‘Just Dance’, came tops in a Google search, then it disappeared into cyberspace. (Actually I just did a search as I type this post and it’s soared to #1 again in both the web and Google images – must have come into fashion again as the photo itself seems ordinary to me). I’ve taken much better flower photos in the couple of years since.

  13. Sicuramente Internet è strano, ma c’è anche da dire che le tue foto sono bellissime e quindi magari nella ricerca di qualche cosa attirano e le persone si soffermano a leggerti 🙂 Comunque le statistiche da quanto ne so io, sono alquanto strane
    Ciao, Pat

  14. It’s so funny isn’t it, we can just never tell! The posts of mine that I think will be the most popular seem to disappear into the abyss, never to be seen again after the intial flurry. And others that I never imagined would be popular keep appearing in the stats. I think it’s all about hitting topics that have the right balance between the number of things written about them, and the number of people searching for them – that’s a lot of what SEO specialists look at (I think! I haven’t got a clue really!).

          • I’m up at 3:45 already! And I love afternoon naps if I can fit them in somehow.

            And I don’t have the skull to pull off a bald look. If it goes that way I’ll have to look at wigs or hats…maybe a beanie with attitude or something? I’d have to move to a cooler place for that too.

            Gosh, I hope it doesn’t go that way.

  15. I agree Rob – can never figure out the power of the net. Always amazes me when looking at our website stats what brings people to us and often it is our photos – so maybe it is your photos also – if given descriptions/names for the “cyber robots” photos come up trumps every time. Another reason they say a picture says a 1000 words…… 🙂

  16. That is amazing, I also blog for fun and enjoyment for myself and to make others happy. Whoever likes my posts I am extremely happy and grateful for them reading it and commenting is a special bonus. The stats are sometimes weird and we don’t know how they come about. It seems America is talking about your post 🙂 I shall have a look at it so you get another view from Europe… 🙂
    I don’t quite know how the internet really works and so many things are connected, google, microsoft, skype, they seem to talk to each other too. So yes, chill and enjoy the popularity of your wonderful blog!

  17. There is no explanation for anything anymore… the world is a very random place, lol. Not really. Just wanted to say I have no recipe either, just do my thing and glad the odd person or two like it.

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