Cape Teal.. the male whistles and the female quacks…

Cape Teal (Anas capensis)

Reading up on this bird, I burst out laughing, a description given on Wikipedia states… “This is a generally quiet species, except during mating displays. The breeding male has a clear whistle, whereas the female has a feeble "quack".”

So he whistles and hopes to find a mate, she replies with a feeble quack, hope he is not like me and is deaf, he’ll never find a mate.

This just made me laugh, to find a specie where the female has a feeble voice is most unusual.

A few photos…..


“Quack louder I can’t hear you !!!”


“Quack, quack… hey can’t you hear me you old codger !!”


“I’m getting out of here, been whistling so much, that the cows are now coming home, yet not a single quack.”


“Been quacking away yet he ignores me, old fool !!”


59 thoughts on “Cape Teal.. the male whistles and the female quacks…

  1. This is so funny! They must have their own little language and it works for them. I think that’s how it is in our household, too. Couples do find their own way of communicating, and sometimes one whistles and the other is a little feeble. I’m still laughing at that one!

  2. I enjoyed this, until I realized that it could have been a conversation between my husband and I….but my quacks aren’t that quiet! Thanks for making me laugh, and for sharing these beautiful shots.

    • Thanks Elisa… I’m sure your quack is not that quiet… I continue to laugh at this post. I can picture a duck whistling away as hard as he can… and a female half hiding, quacking softly almost shyly… I just find this funny…

  3. Hey, bulldog, sometimes you take your life in your hands with your comments about the female of the species, but you always make me laugh. What a handsome pair of ducks. I hope he did hear her feeble quack, so they can make lots more little teals. 🙂

  4. Great commentary – I laughed as well. My mother-in-law has a very shrill voice. At one point we bought her a key ring that you could find if you whistled loudly and it would whistle back (because she kept losing her keys) – but we found it would go off every time she spoke and she ended up throwing it away because it drove her crazy! 😀

  5. lol hahaha oh my you made me laugh
    my brothers would love this post

    I did a painting of a skull for day of the death
    and I put eagle on it, one side is a male he does not
    have a beak, the other side does lol

  6. Bulldog, my post featured photos of ducks, as well!!!! These are absolutely beautiful. ((Yes, I am totally ignoring your comments and siding with my dear, Ute, on this one!)) Wonderful post, as always!! Those eyes are something!!

  7. Whahahah Rob! It’s because most men are deaf – that is why we have to quack so loud! LOL!
    Stunning shots of these stunning birds Rob. Love it! 😀 *hugs* to you and Linda. *quack*

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