A Wondering mind.?… or a raving lunatic.?…

Be careful when you make a woman cry, her tears are counted. She came out of a man’s rib, not from his feet to be walked on, nor his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal; under the arm to be protected and next to the heart to be loved.

Now who is this that casts his eye up into the sky?? Is it someone we know, or just a passing image.??

tania 023

When catfish spawn, is this the males mobbing a female, or a school of females mobbing a male??



When the sun lips the horizon, is the sun actually above the skyline, or does the natural bending of light in the atmosphere make it appear so.??

tania 003

When a dove sits and looks directly into the sun at sundown, can it see afterwards, or is it like us with a bright shining image in the eye that temporarily blinds us.?

len 559

Does a bird know what colour scheme it wears.? I wonder, are they like woman when another more colourful bird passes and say “Oh I love that dress and its colours, got to get me one of those.” ??

len 311

When you buy a new driver for your golf set, are you allowed to use it.?? Mine says “Pleeez don’t hit me I’m new.” So now what, must it sit in my golf bag just to look pretty??

tania 038

When women over 50 have a hot flash (flush), is it hot enough to set off the sprinkler systems.??

One more from Andy Rooney and this one I really believe in, (not that I don’t believe his over 40 women’s list) but this is just a classic and so damn right..

If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.”

75 thoughts on “A Wondering mind.?… or a raving lunatic.?…

  1. Morning our favourite blogger…what a stunning assortment of pictures covering nature at its best, the “how green was my golf-course”(valley), even the philosophical ending especially for the ladies. I am all on my ace here and smiling from ear to ear. You never fail to brighten our day truly.
    We cannot go without our Bulldog fix. Merci mon ami. 🙂

    • Zita you are too kind with your comments… but I have to admit I do love them, so keep them coming… lol… I’ve often wondered if I was alone when reading blogs sitting in front of the computer screen alone, grinning like a Cheshire cat, now at least I know I’m not alone…

  2. Oh I love this post Bulldog, and that first photo is amazing! This made me smile as your posts always do and again, that Andy Rooney quote at the end is spot on 🙂

  3. I smile a lot when no one is around! And I smile when I read your posts, Rob. These images are all incredibly beautiful and very interesting–the catfish spawning is fascinating! You have such a wonderful eye to see the beauty all around you and to share it with your readers. I always look forward to what I’ll find here. That does make me smile.

  4. Great post as usual Rob. So many questions… 😀
    Thanks for the smile this morning. Have a lovely weekend. *hugs* to you and Linda. xxx

  5. I may be late in stopping by but am never ever disappointed!!! Your photos always just take my breath away…and being philosophical as well….perfect!! I may be wrong in saying so, not being an avid golfer, but wouldn’t not using a beautiful new club be like having a new sports car and not taking it out for a spin? hehe 😉 Glad to be back and blessed to have read your words/admired your photos!!! Hugs and Blessings sweet friend!!

    • Thanks Christina… oh I can assure you the club has had a beating already… just fascinated me that they would put such a sticker on it… glad to see you around again…

      • I’m glad to hear it!! Things are meant to be enjoyed! Thank you so much…it’s good to be back again. I have missed you and everyone here at WP…slowly catching up again! 🙂

    • Brenda, thank you so much for the comment and you smiled? When I see your blog all I see is you smiling, as would I be, if I could do what the two of you do…

  6. Sei fantastico, associ tanta ironia e simpatia alle tue bellissime foto, così oltre a vedere i tuoi scatti splendidi ci fai anche sorridere.
    Molto bello da parte tua. Grazie, Pat 🙂

    • It is a good thing Maralee… it means you are in good company, reading all the comments I realise now we are not alone when we sit and grin at our computer screens…

    • Hey this post has been a winner for me, to hear others do as I do, sit grinning at the screen of a laptop whilst reading blog posts… thank you Ingrid… loving your bird photography…

  7. Woo hoo! Love me RBZ … well, it’s a two-years ago model. Hit em long and straight! …. and thanks for all the philosophy with your wonderful pics … and just for setting the stage for the new driver!

      • LOL …. The RBZ is sweet … although I have a tendency to push right …. far and straight … but right … and contrary to popular belief, that’s a function of my swing, not the club.

        • I suffered from that for many years till some one said I must move further forward when addressing the ball… now it’s straight and long down the fairway… try it, it felt awkward at first but now feels natural…

            • Toward the hole… most of us have an incorrect thought of the ball inside the left heel (that’s if you’re right handed)..move your ball further back in you stance.. worked for me, I stood 10 to 15 degrees off line to hit the fairway at one stage… now I can even aim down the fairway… I believe it is hitting the ball after the fact… rather than at the point of perfect club head motion…

  8. I’m smiling…in fact I almost always smile when I read your posts, Bulldog 🙂 Out of experience I can tell you that I could warm up a whole environment with the flushes…there are no Sprinkler systems working anymore around us 😀 Pawkiss 🙂

  9. Very philosophical and I’m not looking forward to hot flashes. I keep telling people they have to witness at least one sunset in Africa–so beautiful.

  10. Interesting thoughts going through that head of yours, Bulldog.

    (and that first image looks a bit like me on a ‘bad hair day’) !

    I DO like interesting cloud formations like that, though.

  11. Love the photos and envious of the driver, not that I could get the best out of it. A great quote to finish which is so true.

  12. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if nature clothed us, and we don’t have to think what to wear or does this fit? ( Does it make my bum look big?) Animals have it so much easier….. and they all look great… exept the hippo it does have a big bum 🙂 Sorry hippo!
    Mind you If I had fur I would need two furs in winter as I am always cold. 🙂 (Just thinking of buying another cardigan…… or moving to Hawaii…… oh dear you got me thinking here……)

    • Oh no… you as well.. getting all philosophical.?? Sorry… but do agree it would be nice if nature clothed us… but then maybe we’re meant to walk around naked…

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