Odd Spectators on the Golf Course…

Hermie and Koppie the Hammerkops…. with a head like that one wonders what knowledge he has of golf, yet these two sat on the bridge and watched the field pass by.

“Now that is a typical in-out swing, no wonder he pushes the ball.”


“Pretend we’re not looking, I wonder how many freshies he’s had today, does look embarrassed.”


“Stop laughing at the poor bloke, I don’t know how his wife lets him go to the course dressed like that. Those colours give me the itches.”


“I wonder why they keep shouting FORE!!! think it means something?”


“Ouch!! that must have hurt… look at him rolling around on the grass holding his head. Think that FORE might have something to do with it?”


“Now I wonder what’s going on over there? You know this watching golf is interfering with frog catching?”