Odd Spectators on the Golf Course…

Hermie and Koppie the Hammerkops…. with a head like that one wonders what knowledge he has of golf, yet these two sat on the bridge and watched the field pass by.

“Now that is a typical in-out swing, no wonder he pushes the ball.”


“Pretend we’re not looking, I wonder how many freshies he’s had today, does look embarrassed.”


“Stop laughing at the poor bloke, I don’t know how his wife lets him go to the course dressed like that. Those colours give me the itches.”


“I wonder why they keep shouting FORE!!! think it means something?”


“Ouch!! that must have hurt… look at him rolling around on the grass holding his head. Think that FORE might have something to do with it?”


“Now I wonder what’s going on over there? You know this watching golf is interfering with frog catching?”


58 thoughts on “Odd Spectators on the Golf Course…

  1. These are really unusual birds! I never before thought of how birds could get in the way of a good golf game! Our smaller birds are much less distracting. I did see some wild turkeys on a golf green last summer and the golfers were just ignoring them. But I don’t think these guys would be easy to ignore!

    • I have played golf on the Skukza Golf Course which is situated in the Kruger national Park, if you think birds can be a distraction, how about a warthog, or an elephant, even been playing when the Lion are on a kill not far off… this bird would only be a distraction to me trying to capture photos of them, which on occasions upsets my playing mates, .. but then I’ll do anything to put them off so that I can win the money…

    • Thanks Brenda, I was actually playing golf on this course when I saw them and stopped to take photos… they almost looked like they were watching, however they were probably worried about all the golfers walking around…

    • I don’t know how to answer that without maybe offending you… but with a laugh on my lips Maralee, keep on trying they say it gets better with practice… been playing for over 50 years and still have those days myself… but thanks for the laugh…

  2. I know I’ve seen some fun and unique birds here along the Texas coast, but I’d say your country has us beat by a landslide when it comes to birds. These guys are quite interesting.

    • The hammerkop is one of our oddities but very efficient feeders… I just wonder why the head looks like that… I think you have some wonderful birds on the Texas Coast, and would love to have the chance to capture what you have shared….

  3. As a golfer I fully appreciate your commentary, which is so accurate in the amateur world of golf. True story I think you will appreciate – I once played golf with a work colleague and his father who was visiting from the north of England. We were playing a course close to London in the south on a busy day with lots of golfers out on the course. He miss hit his ball and instead of shouting Fore! He shouted “Hey Up “in a broad northern accent. We understood him, but nobody else did. It was extremely funny at the time.

    • Thanks Brian.. glad you enjoyed… as a Green Keeper for 26 odd years I’ve heard some funny things on the courses… must admit when some shouted anything I normally ducked… was stand behind the 4th green at Southbroom and heard a hell of a shout .. I hit the deck hands over head hoping I’d made this large body as small as I could… looked up when I felt nothing only to see them jumping up and down on the tee box… someone had shot a hole-in-one… they did ask why I was rolling on the ground….

  4. Ha…So funny! And each picture fits perfect with the caption you wrote. Only part I didn’t understand was “freshies”, What are they? Loved the “fore” photo! Just perfect!

  5. Rob, what a lovely bird … looks that it has a good attitude too. Love head feathers. Was it you they were watching ???!!!! Thanks for the breakfast smile. *smile

  6. You know what I love so much about your blog, Bulldog (besides the incredible humor, of course), is how you reveal to me how very creative our Creator is. He has given you such amazingly beautiful, oddly interesting, or downright ugly animals to study there. And you bring them into my home. It is so great! There is something about seeing these birds when you know someone you know snapped the photo. Makes them more real somehow. Thanks, Bulldog! Thanks, God!

    • We are blessed with a very diverse and different set of animals and birds in this country… and I just thank God he has given me the chance to see, photo and learn about all his creatures here…

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