Has the Colour Green Gone Missing?

A blog I enjoyed yesterday was posted by Elisa Ruland; post titled Breaking News: The Color Green Goes Missing, well it seems that they have lost something in Atlanta, Ga.

I looked out side and had that distinct feeling I might know where their colour green has gone. A quick look through my last few months photos and yes, I know where it is.

Now just to put Elisa at ease, it is here by us and when discussing with it, why it had moved here, the answer was short and sweet, “Too damn cold up there!!”

But just to make Elisa feel better it also said “I’ll be going back when it gets warmer.”

So Elisa, I took a few photos to make sure that you can identify that it is the green you are actually looking for…..


marina beach 063

marina beach 056

Elisa’s post yesterday was one I really enjoyed you can read it by clicking on the title of the post I shared above or you can CLICK HERE…