Has the Colour Green Gone Missing?

A blog I enjoyed yesterday was posted by Elisa Ruland; post titled Breaking News: The Color Green Goes Missing, well it seems that they have lost something in Atlanta, Ga.

I looked out side and had that distinct feeling I might know where their colour green has gone. A quick look through my last few months photos and yes, I know where it is.

Now just to put Elisa at ease, it is here by us and when discussing with it, why it had moved here, the answer was short and sweet, “Too damn cold up there!!”

But just to make Elisa feel better it also said “I’ll be going back when it gets warmer.”

So Elisa, I took a few photos to make sure that you can identify that it is the green you are actually looking for…..


marina beach 063

marina beach 056

Elisa’s post yesterday was one I really enjoyed you can read it by clicking on the title of the post I shared above or you can CLICK HERE…

56 thoughts on “Has the Colour Green Gone Missing?

  1. What a beautiful sight! All that green. I don’t have the dreaded white, but things are looking tired and brown. I may go to bed tonight dreaming of a lovely green carpet of grass–I miss that!

  2. Ahhh green, it’ll be quite some time before we see that color around these parts. I’m content with the lovely bright white for the time being, but talk to me around mid march and I’m sure I’ll be complaining along with the rest…

  3. I enjoyed your humor yet again, bulldog. Where I live in California we’re experiencing a drought so severe that a friend told me that a mountain which to my knowledge has been snow covered for at least the last 50 years has no snow on it. Reservoirs are critically low and this is in what is supposed to be our rainy season! So, you just might have some of our green too. I respectfully ask that you stop hoarding it and give at least some of it back, please.

    • Russ we promise to return as much as we can afford to let go without the golf courses turning yellow… lol..
      Sorry to hear about the drought… we have had so much rain here this year and the season is not yet past… so maybe we got your rain as well, I promise if it’s yours we will send it on to you… I’ll ask the next time it rains…

  4. OK coming from a guy that spends in time at the Golf course of course you see green. Here in So Cal it is very expensive to keep all green right now. We need rain. I sure you like the contrast of the plains to the green sometimes.

  5. I am shocked, and to think this may have been a conspiracy…that OTHER countries may have taken our green as well? I’m heartened by your promise for its safe return, but could you do me a favor and shake off the pollen before you send it our way? In the meantime I’ll take a trip down memory lane and view your beautiful “captures” (now I understand the reason photos are called this occasionally) as I shiver in -3 C and brace for the impeding snow (a rare sight in Atlanta, GA!)

    Take care and enjoy every moment of our green….while you can!
    (Thanks for the mention!)

    • You have to remember not all of it leaves us to go back to you… some of it has common sense and stays here permanently for us to play golf on… thinks it’s too damn cold there by you…

  6. It must be wonderful to have lovely sunshine all year round, especially for playing golf. I bet you never have to play golf on a cold, grey, wet and windy day, he says jealously.

    • Could be from the beautiful blue sky and lovely green grass of the golf course… but it is beautiful to me as I’m playing golf when I took these photos… what better could one ask for…

  7. ha-ha – Bulldog some might say that is actually a little mean……. darn funny though! Think we may have some of their green also but you are right, I’m sure it will make it’s way home again real soon.

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