I’m Proud to be called a Rhodesian…

Mere members of the human race,
But we have known a special place.
We did grow up in a different way,
In a land where we wish we could stay.

Those that joined us adopted our ways,
Many that visited extended their stay’s.
We loved the weather and loved the sun.
Outdoor and bush people every one.

We loved our sport loved our braai’s,
Under those great Rhodesian skies.
A fun loving people friendly to boot,
Most enjoyed some meat to shoot.

We loved our fishing and to camp,
Along some lovely river bank.
We loved our dams and water sport,
We loved to make rather than import.

But now we are scattered across the earth,
Very far away from our place of birth.
We love a challenge and successful will be,
Whilst we prey for sanity in the land of Zimbabwe.

Written by Pete Barlow 10/07/2001

I also found these photos… oh how I wish I’d taken them, I cannot find any copyright on them and to hell they are shared all over the web so why not here….

share 2

share 5

share 6

share 9

The new recruits to combat poaching…

share 8

share 3

These two photos I found on FB and are from the Kgalagadi where we will go again…

kalahari 1

Man these are good photos… and this bottom one I wonder if the Lion is off to the toilet…


Can you imagine if you are in the toilet and on your way out this is what you see… oh boy the adrenaline rush would be high and the skid mark very dark…

39 thoughts on “I’m Proud to be called a Rhodesian…

  1. Great poem and a very proud Rhodesian at that. Pictures like this come along once in a lifetime and I’m sure you’ll have a day when you get one (although I hope it’s not when you’re face to face with a lion as you emerge from the toilet) 😉

  2. I have to say Bulldog I was a bit disappointed at the end of that poem when I saw it wasn’t penned by you, as I know this is something you could easily pull off. Those elephant photos are spectacular and the baboon (?) with the rifle, priceless! 🙂

    • Thanks LuAnn.. I wish I could pen poetry like that…mine comes in a flash and if I take too long to write it down its gone… the ellie photos are spectacular and I love that baboon…

  3. I don’t know if I told about my friend going to the toilet during the night … and a safari he was on in Kenya.
    He didn’t tell the guard that we was going …
    They had been looking out for lions the whole day … but when he was visiting the toilet in the middle of the night, he had a close up … with a lion, but it went well .. the guard heard him. *smile
    Wonder how that monkey got hold of a gun???? There is loads of 2 -legged monkeys out there playing with guns.
    I think most of us .. want China out of the way … but I doubt it will happens. Brilliant post, Rob.

  4. Good photos Rob. The elephant shots in particular really show off its magnificence. I know very little of Rhodesia. However, I do remember having postage stamps from there as a young stamp collector. I also remember it featuring on television in troubled times before it became Zimbabwe. You are clearly proud of your origins.

  5. Always proud to be a RHODESIAN not Zimbabwean. Amongst my nostalgic treasures are the Rhodesian flag/Fazak’s copper fire screen/Ian Douglas Smith beer mug and copper clock wall hanging of the Rhodesian map which many homes boasted. This poem says it all Bulldog. Rhodesians, a special breed scattered worldwide indeed. 🙂

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