A Bird called Lorna… A Grey Crowned Crane..

Grey Crowned Crane (Balearica regulorum)

The way this bird was preening itself I had to call it Lorna. Why Lorna? Who knows?

There are two subspecies. The East African B. r. gibbericeps (Crested Crane) occurs from eastern DRC through Uganda, of which it is the national bird represented in its national flag, and Kenya to eastern South Africa. (That’s where I am.)

So this bird can be seen on the flag of Uganda now there’s a reason to call her Lorna.



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65 thoughts on “A Bird called Lorna… A Grey Crowned Crane..

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  2. Well, you didn’t have to name it after me, Rob! But I am rather flattered! The blonde hair, the curves…

    Is it a male or female? I have to know for the submission because I have to describe it… πŸ™‚

  3. It’s a great shot Rob – showing off the crown perfectly. I think the great thing about wildlife photography is that no matter how many times you shoot something it is fascinating and rewarding every time.

    • You are so right Brian,,, I mentioned to some one else the other day, when the bug bites with bird and animal photography, I think more with birds, no matter what you capture it is always rewarding and tends to bring one back to it…

  4. And here we have undisputed Miss Universe 2014 , Lorna..!

    PS. I thought someone was putting aside his blogs whilst busy editing his memoirs…? But we are far from complaining. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Zita, this post was requested by a good friend.. the editing is going on like a house on fire and the editor has already returned the first 60 odd pages, So actually I’m having trouble keeping ahead of her, but I’m not complaining… she is making it just so much better than I could, actually now getting very excited about it all….

  5. She is a beauty! And I have to agree with Ingrid, I was not a birder before arriving to the east coast, but there is such a variety here they are hard to resist.

  6. Great shot, bulldog. I saw this type of bird in a zoo last year and loved it’s crown so much that a character in one of my children’s books, Hoozy Whatzadingle, has an exaggerated version of it on his head.

    • Thanks Russ… you do make up names I can identify with… when I can’t remember a name I make one up which often has the people in stitches… and Hoozy Whatsadingle sounds like those that I come up with… lol

    • Thanks Col… Now that is one for the books… I think we should approach their Diplomatic Mission and tell them they should have a goose, they must be confused… love it…

  7. Your photo is so fantastic – I could be able to count all the feathers on the body and the crown on the head, but I’m not going into that. Stunning bird … I’m thinking of opera diva when I look at your photo.

    • I’ve just come from your blog and I’m so pleased to see you are getting such great captures… and I’m glad I started it, it is so rewarding and I think you are finding that already… now about you and Donna… you sure are getting a spread…

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