A reply from the satnav.

In October 2012 I made a post of a brilliant little poem about a Satnav that I’d found on Face Book. (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT).

This post has received 1558 reads to date, far more than I expected, however I received a comment on it today that I just have to share. The comment is from a Camilla Wynne, who from the research I have done is a registered Child-minder in Ireland. She started her comment with this statement “Couldn’t help myself, so I wrote a reply from the wives perspective:” and called it …

I am your little satnav… and here it is, I just love it….

I am your little satnav
I sit there in your car
I am a driver’s best friend
I tell you where you are

I am your little satnav
I’ve stuck by you all my life
I’m better than all the other ones
Yes, I am your wife

I give you full instructions
Cause if I didn’t do
Our life would be very messy
I can’t trust it all on you

I tell you when to stop and start
I have to smell your stinky fart
And if I want a break
I have to fake a head ache

If I didn’t tell you when the light is red
Or when it goes to green
You will try to relive your youth
And drive like when you were nineteen

I cook your food every day
Make sure all your clothes are clean
Taking this in to account
You should treat me like a queen

I’m sure no other husband
Has such a patient wife
For when you leave the toilet seat up
I could stab you with a knife

It fills me up with wonder
I could have had my pick
So why don’t I exchange you
And get a younger prick?

Ah well, you see, I keep my promises,
Like the one the day we wed,
Until death do us part
And – you’re not half bad in bed!

So shut up and drive the car
Keep listening to my voice
To turn me off
Is simply not a choice.

Thank you so much Camilla Wynne.

Not the Olympics, the Oscars, or the Grammies, But It’s Still Worth Tuning in For…

Not the Olympics, the Oscars, or the Grammies, But It’s Still Worth Tuning in For…

And to think Lorna actually nominated me for an award… how nice is that.??

Lorna's Voice

What do we have here? It's gotta be good. We're all watching! What do we have here? It’s gotta be good. We’re all watching!

We all know that this sleepy time of year is AWARD SEASON!!!!

They plan it that way to glam up the doldrums of winter (if you live in a climate like mine, at least).

Never mind. The shovels are out in the garage. Never mind. The shovels are out in the garage.

Well, I’m here to announce an award I heard about via the Daily Post several weeks ago (I know, it took me a while).

A blog I never of heard of,Blogher, runs a yearly contest to pick several “Voices and Photographs of the Year.” It’s not a WordPress thing, it’s a whole blogs-R-us thing.

You can nominate yourself or another blogger for a specific blog post and/or photo that you think fits one of several categories:

Post: Exploration; Heart; Humor; OpEd

Photo: Street Life/Slice of Life; Faces, Friends, Family; Food, Craft, Things I Made…

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