A reply from the satnav.

In October 2012 I made a post of a brilliant little poem about a Satnav that I’d found on Face Book. (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT).

This post has received 1558 reads to date, far more than I expected, however I received a comment on it today that I just have to share. The comment is from a Camilla Wynne, who from the research I have done is a registered Child-minder in Ireland. She started her comment with this statement “Couldn’t help myself, so I wrote a reply from the wives perspective:” and called it …

I am your little satnav… and here it is, I just love it….

I am your little satnav
I sit there in your car
I am a driver’s best friend
I tell you where you are

I am your little satnav
I’ve stuck by you all my life
I’m better than all the other ones
Yes, I am your wife

I give you full instructions
Cause if I didn’t do
Our life would be very messy
I can’t trust it all on you

I tell you when to stop and start
I have to smell your stinky fart
And if I want a break
I have to fake a head ache

If I didn’t tell you when the light is red
Or when it goes to green
You will try to relive your youth
And drive like when you were nineteen

I cook your food every day
Make sure all your clothes are clean
Taking this in to account
You should treat me like a queen

I’m sure no other husband
Has such a patient wife
For when you leave the toilet seat up
I could stab you with a knife

It fills me up with wonder
I could have had my pick
So why don’t I exchange you
And get a younger prick?

Ah well, you see, I keep my promises,
Like the one the day we wed,
Until death do us part
And – you’re not half bad in bed!

So shut up and drive the car
Keep listening to my voice
To turn me off
Is simply not a choice.

Thank you so much Camilla Wynne.