Lorna.. A few different angles….

I published a post of Lorna, my favourite Grey Crowned Crane and went back a tad to see what other unusual photographic perspectives I had of her… these appealed to me and as she is a bit of a poser I thought I’d share a few more… sure I’ve played a bit with the photos to enhance her beauty more and to make them more pleasing to me… What do you think of them… now I really must get back to the editing… although the Editor is so good I think I’ll credit her as the Author of the book as told to her by me….

tania 059







85 thoughts on “Lorna.. A few different angles….

  1. I was reading somewhere this morning how you can make money online selling photos to shutterstock and Flickr etc. I immediately thought of you and wondered if you’ve ever looked into this 😀

    I just love Lorna – from every angle 😉

    • I have too many pokers in the fire .. what with the software marketing, software negotiations with a company which want to buy it, blogging and my book editing.. I have not thought of selling photos, my worry If I do that is it wont be fun taking them any more as now I click what I like and not what I think someone else will like… does that make sense??
      Thank you.. Lorna is my girl…

  2. There were times when I wanted a hairdo just like this one 😀 , but my parents would not hear of it ;). Gorgeous takes, Rob. The first one is pure perfection. How are you holding on?

  3. I love these shots!!! I had your page up and my newly 12-year-old daughter (Emma) was completely enthralled with your photos, like her momma!!! 😉 I told her what I’ve been telling you for a long time….your photos do truly rival anything I’ve ever seen in National Geographic (she agreed btw)!! Such an exquisite eye you have sweet friend!!! 🙂

    • You could be right Brian… although not sure I would of enjoyed a girlfriend with a hairstyle like that… she’d poke your eyes out when you try to snuggle…

  4. She is beautiful. I will be getting Polish chickens in the springtime. I cannot wait…not as beautiful, but the are endearing!! Great post…for someone who is not supposed to be posting. tsk. tsk. 🙂

    • Shoosh… maybe she won’t look in and notice… went and had a quick look what those chickens look like… oooooh there could be a good photo opportunity there…

      • I know…I cannot wait till they arrive. I am hoping in the spring. They are wonderful pets…horrible egg layers. The rest of my flock pick on them sometimes because of their crazy hair-dos (they try and pull out their feathers). Sigh..bullying is everywhere. 🙂

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