Linda, will you be my Valentine..

Can you think what he might just be asking her, whilst she nuzzles his neck… “Will you be my Valentine?”


and for Linda I offer her this…..

I looked at my calendar

And what did it say?

Stop being a bounder

It’s Valentine’s Day.


Forty years of marriage

Have you ever celebrated?

Make Linda a hot beverage

Maybe a cake you decorated.


Would this make the grade

To spark a memory?

To ensure I conveyed

A day of an anniversary.


To assure her knowledge

She will always been mine

That even since college

I’ve considered her divine.


Love you Love….

66 thoughts on “Linda, will you be my Valentine..

  1. How are your eyes, bulldog? I wonder about your health since you posted about the problem with your eyes.

    Lovely way to tell your dear wife how much she means to you.

    • Thanks Genie… the eyes.. well the one returned to normal vision, and the other has deteriorated a tad.. I still have double vision that will be corrected with a cataract operation… but it will just have to wait at this moment due to a few small problems we are having… not serious, one good eye is all that is needed for photography…

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