Have you gotten your FREE copy of my Memoir?

You have to hurry to get this free… time is running out, and as I’m 80% into the book I can recommend it highly, it is a fascinating read, and is down to earth good… the trials and tribulations are fascinating… get it now while its free… a damn good read…difficult to put down…

Lorna's Voice

Don't you just love jumping for joy? Don’t you just love jumping for joy?

You have? Great!

Nope. No. Nah. Nope. No. Nah.

You haven’t? Well, what’s stopping you? It can’t be the price! There’s still TWO days left to get a FREE copy of the e-book. Just click here to get the link.

Maybe you think that the life story of an alcoholic Boomer woman who’s divorced and has a crap basket full of health problems just isn’t your “thang.”

Think again. The best memoirs (let’s assume mine is in that category), are not about the person telling the tales, but about the reader.

What’s that you say?

It’s true (according to me).

The best memoirs (still, mine is in that same category) tell the universal story of what it means to be a human being living an imperfect life. Sound familiar?

Just to give you an example, Here is a transcription from a hand-written “thank you” note I…

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12 thoughts on “Have you gotten your FREE copy of my Memoir?

  1. your back, you are not appearing on my reader :(, but got the book 🙂
    I been wanting to read something new and you post this love how the
    universe works sometimes. Thanks!

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