Just a few Photos…. Why? Who cares.

For the last two days I’ve had a bit of a leopard theme, and I’m going to continue with it today. Why because these are not my photos but my S-i-L… I used one of his photos yesterday and some one said I had competition. Well I continue to strive to be able to take photos like he does… these are all his except one…. This is me in photo mode…


and this is the photo I took… my photo…

tue 19-07-2011 159

Now the rest are his, and you can now see why I want to emulate him…




The above are all of a young leopard… he takes the odd bad photo as well like the following one…


But then he comes back into good form with these of a lion…




Apart from his one bad photo in the middle, you can see why I want to be like him when I grow up…

73 thoughts on “Just a few Photos…. Why? Who cares.

  1. Love the photos, enjoyed catching up on your blog. Got behind with my reading due to the internet problems. Not far to go with the writing hope the inspiration lasts to the end.

  2. Hi Bulldog! WordPress did the lovely un-followed your blog deal! I had no idea! I thought you were out of town! I’m so glad I finally noticed and came to check on you! I’ve been missing out and have a lot to catch up on!

    • Thanks White Lady… it has done that to me on a few occasions, and when one notices it seems almost bizarre that the one it has unfollowed has been posting almost daily… but nice to see you’re back…

  3. Clearly he had a great teacher Rob. No need for you to wish your photo’s to be just as good as his because they are! Thanks for sharing these beauties. Lovely! 😀

    • Thanks Brian, I strive to get a photo of a lion yawning, he does it regularly, the “at rest” pose of the young leopard is much sought after, he gets it… why can’t I have his luck and talent… ??

  4. Bad photos…unheard of Bulldog. I love them all. Keep that camera rolling in between writing your memoirs…Hmmm? Not complaining at all like the Following…LOL 🙂

    • The first photo is in the Kruger Park, one of the many viewing spots where it is fairly safe to get out of your vehicle… I’m learning from SiL… he is very talented, a natural talent, only shares his bad photos with me…
      But talking of safe places to exit your car, I’m heading to Botswana in April to a camp with no fences, where close encounters with lion are almost on the books as they often share the camp with you… this will truly be getting back to nature… it is a very remote place in the semi desert and the camp site is next to a natural watering hole, this will be a much missed adrenaline rush for this man… the place is called … Mpaathutlwa Mabuasehube, .. in case you want to Google it…

  5. You both take great photos, Bulldog.
    I like your shot of the elephants – nice framing. I also like the 4th image down which your SIL took.

    Looks like you had a great spot for taking photos in that first one.

  6. These are fabulous!! What a truly amazing life you lead there with your family. I am so glad you included pictures of yourself. It is nice to see you!! The kiddos really enjoyed seeing you. Please tell your son-in-law that they were “ooooh’ing” and “ahhhh’ing”!! 🙂

  7. Anyone showing pics representing the wonder of nature and most importantly animals, are in my book amazing Human Beings! I can’t express enough my admiration of the depth and compassion towards other creatures that I feel your blog has.
    Its great to be inspired, but your own photography is always lovely too bulldog 🙂

  8. Tu sei già grande e lo diventi sempre di più, arriverai a fare foto di leopardi e leoni ancora più belle (e queste sono veramente bellissime), io ne sono sicura. La foto degli elefanti è molto bella ed è già indice di grande bravura 🙂
    Ciao, un salutone. Pat

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