A Bulldog Book Review… even dogs can do it..

I discovered, if you don’t purchase the book from Amazon you can’t write a review on their site. I can understand that, if this policy was not in place one could pen bad reviews on books you haven’t read. So I decided to pen my reviews here.

The first a book I downloaded free of charge……

Lorna Lee’s book “How was I supposed to know.”

Did I expect what I read? No. Having followed Lorna’s blog I expected a humoristic book. Sure there is humour in her writing, but this book is just so much more, so much more sobering.

Did I enjoy the book? What a question, I read it from start to finish in a day, talk of sleep deprivation. I couldn’t put it down, what’s she going to go through next, dominating my mind.

I loved this book, her alcoholism brought back memories of my own. Her young life, not really to be envied. Yet she strived through thick and thin to emerge with a PhD, which takes some dedication.

For anyone who struggles to see how easy it is to slip into the alcoholic way, this is a must read.

Her love of dogs just appealed to me being the nature lover that I am.

I enjoyed her use of lists, making the reading so much easier.

A marriage that fell apart after so many years, the return of the man she should have married in the first place, all made this book a compulsive read.

I enjoyed Lorna’s writing style, easy to read and follow the story. I would recommend this book to everyone.

The second book is; –

I took my Barrio on a road trip… poems by Edward Vidaurre.

This book of poems I won on a blog, and it was sent to me from Texas, got here faster than a Christmas card sent from 60 kilometres away, amazing.

I love poetry and have only really enjoyed it for the past 5 to 6 years. The different styles always fascinate me and some I have trouble understanding. Edward pens a “story type” poem that is easy to read. The poems are about his growing up in a not so enviable place. In fact he is lucky to have lived to be able to write these poems.

I enjoyed his style, his story, his life, but I would not swop his with mine.

I think this book of poems is available on the internet and I would recommend it to those that love not only poems, but also, what is almost a memoir of his life.

To Edward I say well done and thank you for my prize, It will take up a place of pride on my bookshelf, next to my other poetry books.