A Bulldog Book Review… even dogs can do it..

I discovered, if you don’t purchase the book from Amazon you can’t write a review on their site. I can understand that, if this policy was not in place one could pen bad reviews on books you haven’t read. So I decided to pen my reviews here.

The first a book I downloaded free of charge……

Lorna Lee’s book “How was I supposed to know.”

Did I expect what I read? No. Having followed Lorna’s blog I expected a humoristic book. Sure there is humour in her writing, but this book is just so much more, so much more sobering.

Did I enjoy the book? What a question, I read it from start to finish in a day, talk of sleep deprivation. I couldn’t put it down, what’s she going to go through next, dominating my mind.

I loved this book, her alcoholism brought back memories of my own. Her young life, not really to be envied. Yet she strived through thick and thin to emerge with a PhD, which takes some dedication.

For anyone who struggles to see how easy it is to slip into the alcoholic way, this is a must read.

Her love of dogs just appealed to me being the nature lover that I am.

I enjoyed her use of lists, making the reading so much easier.

A marriage that fell apart after so many years, the return of the man she should have married in the first place, all made this book a compulsive read.

I enjoyed Lorna’s writing style, easy to read and follow the story. I would recommend this book to everyone.

The second book is; –

I took my Barrio on a road trip… poems by Edward Vidaurre.

This book of poems I won on a blog, and it was sent to me from Texas, got here faster than a Christmas card sent from 60 kilometres away, amazing.

I love poetry and have only really enjoyed it for the past 5 to 6 years. The different styles always fascinate me and some I have trouble understanding. Edward pens a “story type” poem that is easy to read. The poems are about his growing up in a not so enviable place. In fact he is lucky to have lived to be able to write these poems.

I enjoyed his style, his story, his life, but I would not swop his with mine.

I think this book of poems is available on the internet and I would recommend it to those that love not only poems, but also, what is almost a memoir of his life.

To Edward I say well done and thank you for my prize, It will take up a place of pride on my bookshelf, next to my other poetry books.

36 thoughts on “A Bulldog Book Review… even dogs can do it..

  1. Hello there. I came from Lorna’s site to read your review. I loved her book as well and was so impressed with how brilliantly and engagingly she tackled so many tough subjects. And, I agree about her love of Scrappy, her dog, being that I’m an animal loving dog rescue woman that was the icing. So nice that you took the time to write the review. It’s a great book that is worthy of attention. Paulette

    • Thanks Paulette.. firstly for the visit and comment… I was amazed at how she opened herself up and really hung out the washing… probably did her good to get it all off her back… I love Lorna’s website and enjoy her humour and I must say expected her book to be different to what I read… I think it was a brilliant book and for that I certainly admire her… thanks again for the visit and comment..

    • I have no idea, when I tried to post the review on Amazon that message came up, and I could in no way bypass it…
      Amazons message “To submit a customer review: you need to use an Amazon account that has successfully been charged for the purchase of a physical or digital item. Free digital downloads don’t qualify. “

        • The last time I actually bought something from Amazon is a few years back as our rand dollar exchange rate makes such purchases, for us, quite expensive. So I’m unable to give them a recent purchase which I understand would have allowed me to make the comment on their site…
          I bought a camera from them a while back as it landed here (transport and import duties included) at a third of the price I’d pay for the same here. But now they have the camera I want, again at two thirds local price saving, but now won’t deliver it to our country, probably some kind of agreement with Fujifilm… Damn…

  2. The book took so long to get to South Africa, so sorry about that, but now is on your book shelf (so, if I want to send you a present will have to send it right now, so you can get it in time lol).

    Great reviews Rob, you are so kind, both books have a massage and are really good, thanks again for doing this. I finish Lorna’s book, I wanted to go into amazon and review her book, so sad you could not write the reviews there, see what I can do. Thanks again Bulldog!

    • Doris our post office is atrocious… the book from Texas got here faster than a card sent from 60 Km away… they are on strike now so that brings everything to a halt… but I got the book and that to me was the main thing…

  3. These are great reviews, Rob (another hat to add to photographer, writer. blogger, developer, husband, father and the list goes on!) 😉

    Lorna’s book sounds very interesting indeed and I just love the sound of that poetry 😀

  4. Lovely of you to review books like this Bulldog, you have a generous heart that is certain. I am still writing my book, slowly. The trouble is the only way I’m going to do it is to do nothing else, I know that, because I become so immersed in it but I don’t want to cut myself off from blogging and other writing projects. You know my battle, you know what I shared on TB’s blog about that fire burning? Well it is still burning and every time I read posts like this that fire burns even stronger. The first book you shared really resonates with me as my dad is an alcoholic.
    Good to hear that your editing is progressing 🙂

    • I spent a lot of time writing when we went visiting and the internet was non existing.. I also suffer from insomnia at times and just used that time to write… but I’ve been at this book now for nearly 2 years so it took a fair time to create… but I would recommend it for anyone to do, I found it rewarding and mind boggling at the same time… the times when the words just flew on to the screen and others that would just not come… but when one ends the book and your happy, it is a great feeling….I had no intention of trying to publish this book but I wanted to write the story, it is only after Linda and the kids read bits of it they said I must try and they’re still on my back… so we will give it a try and what will be will be… but I loved the experience, even though my English is atrocious…

      • That is what counts, the whole experience and I must remind myself of that! I am looking forward to that moment of completion but want to enjoy the journey along the way, even if it is frustrating and mind boggling at times. I’m really proud of you Bulldog 🙂

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