65 thoughts on “Blue Crane… and Lorna gets jealous…

  1. They are all beautiful!! Even if you are partial to Lorna…and I’m sure she knows it too haha!! πŸ˜‰ I am curious are all these wondrous creatures close to you or do you have to travel a bit to get to them? Absolutely gorgeous photos, as always!!! πŸ™‚

    • These birds are in a huge natural area set aside by someone in history for the birds… it is called the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary named after South Africa’s greatest ornithologist. He lived in the late 1800 and was a pioneer in our bird books etc… this area was proclaimed in his honour in 1985 and contains some of the best birding in the city of Pretoria. These birds are released here after being hurt in the bush and just stay. It has a wonderful bird hide so well constructed that one can get up close to the birds without them knowing it…
      Thanks for asking Christina, if it wasn’t for this one would not get so close to these birds in the open as they are fairly shy birds… the blue crane has an area that was declared a reserve for them where I’ve had the privilege of being allowed in, you walk for miles and only see them from far where they breed freely and undisturbed… just too far for photos…

  2. These are great photos to see Rob. I especially like the fourth shot…the cranes look so peaceful and chilled out by the stream.

  3. Sono tutte bellissime, ma l’ultima foto Γ¨ eccezionale. Che espressione buffa ahahah
    Bravissimo Phil, mi sono divertita a vedere le tue foto, sono piacevolissime!!
    Ciao, Pat

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