Portrait Photography, something different, beaks.

I have tried my hand at portrait photography with totally disastrous results. I can take a beautiful woman and make her as ugly as sin in one click of the button. Others take an ugly woman and with one click make her beautiful.

So I thought I should go through my Photos and seek out my portrait photos that have not turned out too bad, and sub titled it “Beaks”


bird beak

Black eagle

fish eagle


falcon 2

Okay, I couldn’t get any of them to smile, or for that matter adopt a sexy look but they did give me or someone the beady eye…

and in this photo the subject refused to land… So I’ve decided to give up human portrait photography and leave it to those who know how…


66 thoughts on “Portrait Photography, something different, beaks.

  1. I must say that I find it hard to believe that any of your portrait photography would be less than well done! I’ll have to take your word for it, though.You do take amazing photos of animals and birds, though, and that’s undeniable. These are a small, but excellent example. They are so sharp, clear and detail-capturing. It’s hard to say which I like best because they are all so beautiful. But that last one, in flight, is something else! You are a patient photographer, I think!

    • Debra, you are too kind with your praise… if you saw me with my camera and taking photos, like me, you would be astounded at the results… I’m just lucky to have a camera that works with me and captures what I think it should…
      But I thank you for such a complementary comment.. I’m blushing now..

  2. Maybe you could take a photo of me and make me look beautiful! 😀

    I love your beak pictures – I’ve always thought of vultures as unattractive but that first photo makes the bird look beautiful 😉

    • I always hated the vultures looks, loved his flight abilities, but now his looks are growing on me, may have something to do with me beginning to look like him as I age… lol
      I’d take your picture anytime, you are already beautiful…

  3. Quite beaky…and beady. I wouldn’t want to mess with them, ‘fraid I’d lose the argument and be their next appetizer. Last shot is truly stunning in detail!

    • Thank you White Lady… you know I’ve never been able to correctly Identify this bird, to this day I won’t stick my neck out and give it a name… but it is a beaut…

  4. Oh, I am in love with the third one down. Such sweet, soulful eyes. 🙂 These are marvelous. I hate having my picture taken–I will never, ever argue with someone who wants to stick with the animal kingdom of humans.

    • The third one down is the Verreaux’s Eagle, also known as the Black eagle, a monster of a bird and a brilliant hunter/flyer. I have to admit that it is one I can tell many stories about, we tried to collect their eggs, (almost impossible) as they are birds that think nothing of attacking you in a steep power dive. talons extended that will rip you to pieces… and that eerie scream when they attack is enough to get you moving… but a brilliant bird…

  5. I think portrait photography is for the birds! 😉 Perhaps that is Terry’s problem when he takes photos of me…turns a beautiful woman into someone that is beginning to show her age. 🙂

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