It takes all types to visit the park.

We first of all have an elephant culled because it rolled a car… I wonder what would have happened to these lion if they had of eaten the occupants of the car.???? Come on people stop being idiots and save the animals….


why you should stay in the car……


And now for a laugh… imagine if I went out to photograph animals like these….


Round balls of animlas.

54 thoughts on “It takes all types to visit the park.

  1. That first video was stupidity at its finest! I would love to see the stats on how many animals were put down due to our ignorance.

    I don’t know where you found that second video Bulldog, but I am still laughing! 🙂

  2. Stupidity and ignorance in the first video. Wonderful imagination and film making skills in the second. All human traits we have to contend with.

  3. I do love the roly-poly animals in the second video! They are really fun! It does amaze me, however, that there needs to be a public service announcement to remind people not to hang their heads and half their upper torsos out the car window when in the company of lion! Really? They have never seen a National Geographic movie and how those beasts pounce? I’d probably be a little shaky that close in my car with the windows rolled up! Fascinating video footage for someone like me who gets excited if I see a raccoon during the day! LOL!

    • It just amazes me that parents would allow their kids to hang out the window like that… one swipe and the lion would have them out the car… I’ve actually had a lioness stand at my car window and look at me, well that is what I thought, it was actually looking at itself, it’s reflection, glad it liked what it saw and didn’t attacked, might not have enjoyed having her on my lap…

  4. I don’t know why people think they can go into the wild and not expect animals to get upset and defensive. We’ve got a problem in Aus at the moment where they’re culling sharks. If you swim in their soup – expect to be eaten! There is no justice or reason for killing any animal, particularly an elephant for rolling a car. Good grief – I wish people understood that this planet is to be shared, not owned by us alone. Rant over…

    I love the Rollin Safari clip – it calmed me down and gave me a giggle 😉

  5. Reminds of the doorknob who stuck his arm out of the vehicle in front of us to stroke the back of a lion as it walked by. I nearly had a coronary. Thankfully the lion simply kept on walking.
    Loved the video clip. Had a really good laugh!

  6. C’è sempre chi deve fare di testa propria e non rispettare le regole, eppure basta tanto poco per non correre rischi…
    Il rolling safari è adatto a me, sono rolling pure io ahahaha

  7. The elephant was culled because it rolled a car? Does that mean it was killed?
    The lions were beautiful, but I agree, not the smartest thing to do – stick your head out the window! They probably didn’t even realize he was angry..
    And the last clip – hilarious!!!

    • Ytesd the elephant was shot, but if you watchesd the video before it was removed, it gave a first warning, and the stupid couple crept even closer, it then turned and gave a second warning which they did not heed and in fact drove right up to the elephant,.. well he would have interpreted that as an attack on your behalf and promptly rolled the car off into the bush.. his tusk pierced the woman’s leg and she needed medical attention the car was a right off… but the elephant got shot instead of the car occupants which would have been more correct.
      As for parents allowing kids to hang out of windows… you can see the lions tail flicking, he’s not happy, get in the car and close the window so he cannot see you… bloody fools… the parents should be beaten for stupidity, I hope both kids shat themselves such that the car still stinks of crap…
      I love the last clip…
      Now watch this clip…

      • How can people be so stupid….(poor elephant..he was just doing what his natural instinct told him to do) We have a show here in the states called, “When animals attack” (or something like that) and it’s always some very dumb person putting themselves in a bad situation with an animal, usually thinking they are funny, things going horribly awry, and then the animal ends up being put down…it makes me sad for the animal. I can’t watch it, because I end up screaming at the tv, “You fool! What did you think was going to happen?!”

  8. In My Humble Opinion, killing animals because they behave like animals. If an elephant rolled a car in an elephants territory, it’s not the elephants fault.
    This idea of killing animals because people are idiots really annoys me.

    • You are my hero Sopho… I totally agree with you, if you don’t know the basic safety distances from wild animals, stay rather further back than close like the last idiot did. Learn the basic warnings that animals give and heed them, this lion was flicking his tail, beware he is getting angry. But then don’t allow your children to stick their heads out of the window, some parents have no brains… if you are too stupid to heed all this and get attacked, don’t shoot the animal it was doing what comes naturally to it.
      If someone attacks you with a knife, do you stand still and allow him to stab you? No, you fight back. There is no deference between this and an animal attacking you…
      Thank you so much for the visit and comment…

    • That would be the wise thing to do, a lion sees the whole car as being one and cannot distinguish you apart from it, but if you protrude from the vehicle it sees you… and that is when the shit can hit the fan… the flicking of a tail is a sign it is now agitated.. beware..
      I love that ballooned animals…

  9. Boy when I was in Kruger, things were pretty strictly enforced. NO getting out of your car even to pee. Thats a child in the back seat…….unbelieveable! That video is hilarious!

    • How right you are Cindy, I can remember Rangers telling us to keep our elbows inside the car, on the threat of being evicted from the park, far to relaxed now, spoiling it for others… the problem being when the animal reacts in a natural manner it gets shot as its thought to be a problem animal now…

    • One can’t believe what people do in the park… I have a photo of a tourist getting out of a vehicle to get a close up of an elephant and its calf… how he survived to tell the story was pure luck… the elephant being youngish herself just ignored him…

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