Sishen Mining Operations… a new shovel.

Joy Global Services, P & H 4100XPC Shovel.

Kumba Iron Ore has purchased a new Shovel.. and this one is not the garden type variety… Oh no I would want to see someone pick this up and dig in the garden. This shovel is so big it could probably pick up your house in one go. The bucket or “Dipper” as it is known in their terminology has a capacity of 104 tons or 61 cubic metres and a tall man looks a little like a stick insect in the bucket…

Shovel 9 

it will only take four passes to fill a truck of this size that has the capacity to carry 450 tons of ore…


Electrically operated with all the most modern innovations possible, although I suppose with the next model that will have more innovations, this is an expensive piece of equipment to improve the mining capacity.

Shovel 1

High in the sky………. in fact 21 metres high…

Shovel 5

Shovel 9b

and the crowd gather around to see how many can fit in the Dipper…. only joking, they have better things to do, or have they?

Board Visit 18 May 2012 911

Photos courtesy of my son… thanks Boy…  and to assist the photos to show its true size, a diagram of the 4100XPC.


52 thoughts on “Sishen Mining Operations… a new shovel.

  1. Just a few quick swipes with that shovel and the whole eastern coast of this country would be devoid of the piles of snow that have fallen already this winter!

  2. Having worked in construction and seen some large and impressive machines I can appreciate these and what they will do to speed up production. I hope whoever has invested in them has enough work to keep them going. I wouldn’t like to be paying their hourly rate!

    • This is Anglo American Kumba Iron Ore Mine… they can afford it, need it and still have far to go before the ore is mined out… I think they bought two of these… they move 4 trains a day of 300 odd trucks each carrying 100 tons of ore… I recently read their financial statement to share holders… wish I had some of their shares…

    • One could sure win a bragging contest with this one… “Mines bigger than yours” could be totally misconstrued if such an argument happened in a pub, but it would be quite hilarious…

    • Yes you are right, but what a tax earner for the country… with their exports they must be the biggest income earner in the country, and what I do enjoy is the millions they plough into local business development in their area,,, a lot of previously disadvantaged are no longer in that position due to their hand outs…

        • They set up and pay for businesses that I’ve been to look at when in the area, it is nice to see the wealth that these locals are now enjoying from hard work and just getting that little financial push to get them going… no loans to payoff makes a business profitable so much quicker, I know, having been down the road of paying exorbitant interest rates on loans from banks to try and get a business on its feet…. …

  3. One certainly couldn’t be afraid of heights operating that thing! I am surprised they don’t have a lift to get into the cab.

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