Topless models? No, but there seems to be a pervert.

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59 thoughts on “Topless models? No, but there seems to be a pervert.

    • Thanks Debra, it’s actually not that often that one gets the chance to capture such interaction… they are normally fairly uninteresting in their movements etc,,, so this I did consider a lucky capture… Still have to capture two bulls fighting which is quite vicious…

    • It is not often one gets to see this interaction, they are normally like the last, appearing as though they are in a trance or merely eating the tops off trees…

  1. When we went to Africa, we visited the Serengetti and it seemed that giraffes and zebras were everywhere we looked. I had never imagined there would be so many and so close. When we returned to Canada, I had a real sense of loss when there weren’t any giraffes and zebras on the side of the highway as I drove to work. Every once in a while I still catch myself looking on the off-chance there might be one … I would probably drive off the road if there were 🙂

    • It would appear so… actually not sure if these are old enough to breed or if this was maybe a small head butt fight for practice, but looking at the photos the words just seemed to fit…

  2. Just love these romantic giraffes NECKING. Looks like a classical giraffe ballet caught through the lens. Gorgeous giraffes, so graceful. Many of we females wish for slender necks like theirs. Sigh…!

    • Thank you Skye.. all my posts at the moment are preset and I can’t remember what is to come next, so each morning when I rise and read the comments I know what went out…
      still busy with the book and Linda is now adding her suggestions, so a few rewrites and additions have been the order of the day, so I just spent one day and preset posts for while I’m to busy to do it daily…

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