I need some help… and I trust your opinion…

I have been looking at photos I’ve taken with the idea of using them on my book cover. But I can’t make up my mind as to which I should use. I love the one I have for the front of the book and cannot decide what to put on the back, and that’s where you come in; A, B, or C.

With the marvellous work that my Editor is doing with the words I’ve written. Correcting all the basic school boy errors I’ve made, trying to explain the Passive voice or verb and the active. The use of plurals and singulars, sticking to the first person and past tense and just so many more problems I’ve landed her with. I now know why my English teacher hated me. But I stand and applaud my Editors good sense of humour that she is blessed with, considering what I’ve dumped in her lap…

Ok here is the photo I’ve chosen for the front of the book….

Sat 23-07-2011 008

Now this needs a rear and these are what I’m think of…


Sat 23-07-2011 009



Or C…..

Tue 26-07-2011 041

Which one would you use???…

69 thoughts on “I need some help… and I trust your opinion…

  1. I’m a little late to answer, but if you’re stilly tallying, I really like C. I think that is a strong photo to give further clues to what’s inside! What a wonderful book you must be creating, Rob!

  2. One of the BIG FIVE in good contrast to your bird cover. Know you have a soft spot for our feathered friends hmm…..? I am still in awe of your recent leopard shots but of the three choices: C (elephant) all the way for me without hesitation. Great of you Bulldog to consider your following’s opinions.

    • You are all so honest how can I not ask your opinion…. thank you for your input Zita, the next post I put up everyone seems to prefer the lion photo… but thank you…

  3. Wow – you’ve had such great comments. Sometimes collective wisdom really blows me away. I had wanted to say C when I read your post, but after reading all the comments, I would have to agree that a lion or leopard would be great. I haven’t read your blog for very long, but I’ve already seen some amazing leopard pictures. Good luck. I’m sure you have so much material to work with, the decision making process has to be really tough.

    • Thanks Joan… still busy with the edit on the book so I’ve plenty of time and just wanted some feed back… I’m settled on the front page, it’s the back that is un decided… tanks for the feed back…

  4. Hard to say for me Bulldog without knowing just what the story is about…meaning, are the birds central to the story? If so, then it would have to be A for me, which tells the story, two birds going to one. If it is about a myriad of adventures and different animals then it would have to be the elephant, C. for impact. But then I adore elephants! This would give the reader the impression that you have written about a large variety of animals, from the beautiful and unusual birds to the staple of any safari, the magnificent and proud elephant. Does this help?

  5. I would choose “C” for the back cover because it has more impact. However, as others have said, I would prefer a shot where the eyes are not too close to the top of the picture (rule of thirds). Perhaps, also consider a photo of one of your magnificent African sunsets, or a combination of animal(s) and landscape. Ideally, your photos will stir the imagination of your potential readers.

  6. Sono tutte e tre molto belle. Se ci fosse una foto con la parte posteriore dell’uccello sarebbe il massimo, ma se devo scegliere tra le tre che hai proposto io preferisco la C.
    Ciao, Pat

  7. Love the birds cover but because there are so many animals, why not make a collage and feature all of them? They are all so beautiful Rob. 😀

  8. I like C the best too. I like the contrast of the small-ish birds on the front cover and the very large elephant on the back. It tells me there is a lot of variety in the middle to see and I can’t wait to get into it!

  9. I like c too
    but you can use all of them in the back
    remember I am a graphic designer and I can
    help you will send you an email with the three
    images. hope you do not mind.

  10. I’m inclined to think that one of your lion shots from a bit of a distance might make a beautiful back cover, but if we have to choose from the three images here, I am a big fan of C. I think it’s so cool that you’re doing this and when it’s done, I hope you will avail us the opportunity to get one. But I want mine autographed! Hugs to you, my friend, and to Linda.

  11. Love the shot for the front cover.

    I definitely wouldn’t have the same bird on the back.

    I have to be honest and say I wouldn’t have B or C.

    B has the dog looking down and you can’t see it’s eyes so it doesn’t ‘engage’ with you as a photo. It doesn’t draw the eye into the frame and in reality it could be any old dog in your backyard (so to speak). You can’t really see it’s a wild animal.

    And C – the eyes are too close to the top of the frame making it look like you’ve cut the top of the photo off. I know many photos are taken of animal’s faces, or cutting the head partly off, but you really need to have the eyes a bit lower (a quarter OR a third?) of the way down the frame so that people are drawn into the frame and then move around the frame. I also think the photo looks ‘top heavy’.

    I’ve seen some stunning images on your blog – are there any other possibilities? What about some lions or leopards? I think you need a shot with more drama and a bit further away from the animal. How about an animal that looks about 5-10 feet away (instead of right in your face).

    For example, this particular shot of mine – the animal is in it’s natural habitat and is looking straight at you. It’s relatively large within the frame and sort of …….looks like the back cover of a book (well, I think so anyway). It also has a dark background. I mean the second koala down (in this post of mine)…….. http://victoriaaphotography.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/koala-melbourne-zoo/

    Front covers should show the birds or animals clearly and a light background so the words show up – that’s why your cover shot looks so good. Your front cover shot also has good composition and balance within the frame and ALSO with the words of your title. Light & bright psychologically makes you think of ‘beginnings’.

    But a back cover photo looks better if it’s got a darker background. Dark makes you think of ‘nights’ or ‘endings’ (of the book, in this case). Once more, that’s just my opinion.

    • Thanks Anneli… I liked the bird as the one from the front has flown, and the story is ended… will look at the lion and leopard see what I can find that will fit…

  12. I like the bird but think if you put bird on front and back some might think the book only has birds in it.
    B is a cool creature pix, but not really dramatic enough?
    I’d vote for C – the elephant is looking straight at you and engages the reader’s eyes – and the wrinkles are quite beautiful

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