600.. yep this is the 600 th..

600 th post, hard to believe.. I searched though my photos to try and find something different for this post and here’s what I found….…

Got to get me one of these…  the bike would be quite nice too….


A few bee eaters….


len 035

A giant king fisher….

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 185

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 190

A smoke ring.?? No a cloud with a silver lining…

len 0910 2012 015

An eland…

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 044

and an appearance from Lorna…

tania 062


81 thoughts on “600.. yep this is the 600 th..

  1. So privileged to have seen so many of your 600 postings over the past two years. Each one a feast for the eye with captions to warm our hearts, not forgetting all the chuckles as well.

    Bulldog rules! 🙂

  2. Well done on reaching your 600 milestone and your great photos to go with it. I assume most of these shots will make it into your book. Lorna, the eland and the kingfisher with crab really stand out. As does the bike and rider!

  3. Congrats on 600! Great photos and I’m impressed you got the bee eater with a bee. And the king fisher–poor crab. Nature is cruel sometimes.

  4. Great shots, but I like the Eland best.
    Those horns look like lethal weapons – don’t think I’d pick a fight with that animal.

  5. Wow. 600 posts. And they just keep on getting better all of the time. Congratulations. I can’t choose a favourite – they are all excellent. Blonde looks great but that bird with the crab – never seen anything like that before.

  6. Phew what a change from your postings on Nature. Congrats on reaching your 600th candle on the cake Bulldog. Methinks these biker and off road wheels are too hot to handle at OUR age hmmm……agree with Gobetween: I see Lorna keeps her eye on you! Ha ha..!

  7. Wow Bulldog, congrats on your 600th post, that’s amazing! The kingfishers are quite different to the ones here in the UK, and, well, giant! Incredible that you get so close up like that. I love the bee-eaters 🙂

  8. Congratulation, 600 .. you have been busy – I have only done close to 800 in 2 years of blogging.
    This is one mixed basket of great shots, the bike is some serious business … personally I think that little blond girl looks a bit misplaced, I suppose she want to prove something. The crab fisher – great shots, did he manage to eat that big crab. Sure he did .. they have some technique. My favorite is the cloud … with silver edge. Looking forward to most of the next 600! *laughing.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS … quite a post for your 600th 🙂 All the birds look cool, the one on the bike is the coolest 😀 Your talent really shows in this post 🙂

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