This is the life… Marloth Park.

When good friends get together and go away for a weekend, this is where you go and have fun… Marloth Park.

Leadwood Lodge.. a house in the bush…


Where friends can visit in comfort ….


Have breakfasts that look like this…


and have other visitors come and go….



some that nearly stand on you….


and some that leave you in peace…


and others that want to be fed…. oranges is all we had for this fellow…



63 thoughts on “This is the life… Marloth Park.

  1. Wow, what a way to spend a weekend with friends … and so close to the nature. Just amazing and very envy. And the breakfast, yes … please. I want to feed zebras too. Just a lovely post.

  2. What a wonderful fun place to go for a getaway! I really enjoyed the pictures. shame on you with the mangoes! lol You are in trouble if Linda ever finds out it was you and not her son! lol

  3. There’s a sight I’ve never seen before! Hand feeding zebras. Amazing. Looks like a wonderful group of friends enjoying a terrific Park! The unexpected guests are pretty terrific, too!

    • Thanks Debra, I’m sure this was a hand reared zebra that had been released in the park as they are herd animals and this one was alone and quite tame… but it is nice to get up close to such an animal… I sat in the bush when I noticed the Kudu coming closer and the bull just about stood on me before he saw me, the photo of him with those magnificent horns has no zoom and no cropping… brilliant experience… but good food and good company makes for magical moments…

    • This is not normal behaviour. I can only assume this was a hand reared zebra that had been released in to the park… one it is seldom you get zebra alone they are herd animals and this one was just too tame, but great to get up close…

  4. I think of all the times I went camping with school children and the excitement they got in seeing the animals that we saw while camping and then I think of the expression on their faces if the animals were like the ones you have shown here. Priceless!

    • It is frowned upon but when a Zebra walks into the party, who can avoid an opportunity to get up close and personal… we only feed what they would normally eat and as Marloth Park is surrounded by orange groves I’m sure its used to an orange… however one never forgets it remains a wild animal that can get out of hand, but this zebra was obviously used to getting tit-bits from visitors… I wouldn’t go feeding my steak to a leopard or anything like that…

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