Oribi Gorge on the Natal South Coast.

A favourite place to visit for many is the Oribi Gorge on the Natal South Coast.. A few photos….

Durban hols 031

Durban hols 032

Durban hols 039

Durban hols 050

Now look at this old photo… (not mine)..

Durban hols 077

Now look at me….

Durban hols 035

and further on you get Lake Eland Reserve… Linda wouldn’t cross….

Durban hols 088

But look at the view from there….

Durban hols 090

62 thoughts on “Oribi Gorge on the Natal South Coast.

  1. You’re one brave man … out on the limp there – never in my life I would dare to sit out there and you’re totally relaxed about it. Love the thought of a safe heaven for the leopards. Such a magnificent animal. What I could see from your shots, you didn’t see any.

  2. Good grief! Get off that rock this minute! Are you crazy? Chuckle. That made me nervous just looking. EEEK! Some really impressive scenes here. I forget that the landscape in South Africa is so varied. I enjoyed this post very much. Just don’t get on any rock ledges again! 🙂

  3. Great shots of the landscape, but nothing would get me sitting on that flimsy outcropping rock.
    My heart’s going pitter,patter just looking at you on that rock.

  4. what a great word overhanging…wow how high is that??….I love all the trees…that is truly high….you are so brave to sit there Bulldog…the enter at your own risk sign got me….;-))

  5. OMG! I could not get Terry to sit out on that ledge as he does not like heights, nor cross the gorge, but I would love to do both! Great photos. 🙂

  6. Ha! With you sitting on the edge like that it reminded me of the American cartoon Road Runner, where the road runner would stand on the precipice and just when coyote thought he had him, road runner would dash away…poor coyote would be left standing on the end of it just as it started to break away, sending him down to the canyon floor.

    I think I would have walked across the bridge…terrorized that more than six people would get on before I had gotten to the other side…but’ I’d try.

  7. You wouldn’t get me on that rock for anything, and I would struggle with the height of the bridge. This is annoying as I love mountain scenery. Strangely, as I get older I find heights more difficult to handle. I like the old photo of the leopard on the rock.

  8. I read your comment so you’ve explained your calm demeanor on what looks to be a very risky pose! 🙂 Still…I don’t want to land in the trees, either! The clouds and fog, and absolutely gorgeous rocky gorge, are tremendously appealing. I’m so impressed with South Africa’s beautiful natural diversity!

    • Thanks Debra, I never seen a photo that shows the ledge is not that high above the trees, probably impossible to capture, but it does make for a dramatic pose, frighten the life out of many,,,lol… South Africa has some of the most phenomenal scenery, so similar to what you have in the USA, maybe on a smaller scale, but such beautiful places to see and visit.
      We are off to the desert again next month and then down to Cape Town and Table Mountain, two completely different types of scenery… from the Cape we are going over to the east side which we call the bush veld and than down to the south coast… all completely different… wonderful place we live in…

  9. I have seen that place with someone else there I agree with the comment above looks scary… I also don’t blame your wife especially after reading the sign that prefaced it. LOL Great photos as always and as always thank you for sharing them with us.

  10. Come ti invidioooooooo, anche se sinceramente non so se avrei avuto il coraggio di andare su quella roccia sporgente, io soffro di vertigini 🙂
    Le foto sono fantastiche, come lo sei tu!!!
    Ciao, Pat

  11. Bulldog, you are very brave I could never do that and I don’t blame Linda one bit for not going on that bridge! Still, worth it for the incredible views and fabulous photographs 🙂

  12. You were game Rob knowing what was under – or more what wasn’t under that ledge. My blog “sitting on top of the world” I was sitting on top of an outcrop and wasn’t until I saw the photos that Stephen took that I was like “what!!” – have never sat on it again LOL It is beautiful – can see why people go there to visit – looks like something out of Indiana Jones.

  13. Don’t go sitting on those outcroppings!!!!! We had a guy fall to his death from a place like that while his buddy took his picture. Get off there! You’re giving me a heart attack!

    • There is nothing nicer than taking up that pose and everyone thinking you have one hell of a fall if you go over, however one never shows that just below that rock is huge trees and ground, the pose looks far worse than what it is with the river way down below you, but a fall would probably only result in a few bruises, to the body and ego… lol, but it one showed that in a photo it wouldn’t be so dramatic…

      • Okay, that’s good. I’m glad to know you’re not foolish. Have you considered making films? That’s the kind of thing they do. Make you think someone is hanging from a sky scraper when in fact they’re lying down on a slab of cement.

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