Floods in South Africa.

From the beginning of March till now it has not stopped raining. In some areas of South Africa this has been heavy rain others almost a continuous drizzle intermittent with down pours… I know up there in the sky some where there is a big yellow ball that heats the earth… I think it’s time to report that it has been stolen… Here are a few photos I’ve collected of the internet showing some of the flooding….



knp flood








91 thoughts on “Floods in South Africa.

  1. How terrible for all those people that get their home and land destroyed – the weather is all over the place those days, really scary .. don’t know what to expect anymore – and if people still don’t believe that we have a severe problem with global warming – need to get their ears washed and get eyes open.

  2. I’ve fallen behind in my blog reading and am catching up with everyone today…
    I had NO idea you guys were experiencing such RAIN! Holy crap! I hit “like” of course, but I def DON’T like your weather!

  3. Oh no! I think your sun thief must be the same villain who stole the color green from Atlanta! I’m very sorry to see the pictures of the flooding in South Africa, the rain must seem endless. Someone told me that it rained 56 days in a row here this past winter, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if they said 100. I hope you’ll be needing your sunglasses again, soon!

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing the photos. What a mess and I feel for all of you, including the land and animals. It’s such a shame that you are getting too much rain and other areas really need it. Come on scientists–we need a plan! Stay safe.

  5. Awful. This is exactly what we had here in the UK, particularly in the south west where we live, from mid-November until late February. The sun has at last come out and spring is definitely springing but the flooding damage is still very evident and people are only just now returning to their flooded homes. The weather has going crazy this year. Hope you and your family have been ok Bulldog, I remember you mentioned that you had been flooded before…

  6. The big yellow ball is here in Australia. We can send it over for a small fraction of that rain to ease the drought we are in if you like. Note: Only a fraction though – we did the whole flooding thing about 2 years ago and it sucks.

    • Thanks Suzjones… seeing as we’re both Southern Hemis, a lot more co-operation should be worked out… sharing sounds a good thing to me, how we do it seems the difficult thing… lol

  7. I can’t even begin to imagine. Your photos capture some incredible devastation, but I know that photos–even yours–can never do the reality of the situation justice. I hope you are yours are alright through this…

  8. All of these images are just horrible…the one of the cars in line in traffic was really scary to me….terrible, terrible situation…stay safe friend!

  9. Those photos say it all! I do recall you saying you’ve lost your home before! I am tremendously concerned for you, and hope that you aren’t in any direct danger. What a terrible circumstance for so many!

  10. Those floods look awful, Bulldog (BTW I’ve had trouble opening this post of yours. Don’t know why, as all your other posts were easy).

    I feel so sorry for the people whose homes have been inundated with water. Regardless of insurance, you can never really replace a lifetime of memories and if you’ve lost family photos & momentos, that’s even worse).

    We’re still waiting for some decent rain in the last couple of weeks, here in Melbourne. The forecast rain, showers, thunderstorms just don’t seem to have happened. If we don’t get the promised rain today (as well as forecast thunderstorms this afternoon), I’ll have to go back to hand watering the garden.

  11. The world has indeed gone mad. Our rain appears to have stopped & now you have it. Hope it ends soon & certainly doesn’t get to you again. I can’t imagine how bad that would be.

  12. This reminds me of Australia, Rob, and the Dorothea Mackeller poem ‘My Country’
    I love a sunburnt country,
    A land of sweeping plains,
    Of ragged mountain ranges,
    Of droughts and flooding rains.

    SA and Australia certainly have their fair share of droughts and flooding rains…

  13. Wow! If a picture paints a thousand words, you just wrote a book. Please send a bunch of your rain our way. California is facing a severe drought. It has been requested that everyone here cut their water usage by 20% and some small towns may run out of water this summer.


    • Wish we could send it all… even our desert areas are been hit big time… and turning into a sea of flowers… at least the desert isn’t having floods… but rivers that haven’t run for who knows how long are actually running…

  14. Amazing shots of the flooding in SA. In the UK this year we had the wettest winter on record with extensive storms and flooding in the south of England in particular. I feel sorry for those affected as it could take a year or longer to get their properties repaired. And no doubt insurance charges will go up as a result.

    • The Kalahari is suffering floods as well, although there isn’t much to do damage to… I have a time line photo of the reserve that over three months went from red sand to knee high grass with millions upon millions of flowers… it is so wet there our trip might even be cancelled…

  15. Extreme weather everywhere! Australia is so dry and has fires, the states east coast is covered in snow, it’s flooding where you are, california is in a drought…..

  16. What a terrible mess!! 😦
    Today I won’t complain about the snow and cold we have. It will eventually melt and we too could be burdened with floods.
    Hope the sun comes back soon.

  17. WOW…wish there was some balance. Too much water in one place, not enough in others. California, where I used to live is having one of it’s worst droughts. A lot of agriculture and dairy have been affected. Groceries bills expected to rise quite a bit as a result. Can we send them some of your rain?

  18. It’s a proper mess – that’s for sure! I like rain, but even I have had enough now. Sad thing is, I doubt we’ll see that yellow ball again until at least the first week of April or even after that. How did my dad put it, something about a low pressure something or another and that because there’s no wind it doesn’t move on, so it’s basically just emptying the ocean on top of us now.

  19. Yikes, what a mess!! Mother Nature has certainly been cruel this year, that’s for sure. We’re all very afraid of what spring is going to bring here because of how much snow we have had this year with no melting in between snowfalls. We could have some nasty flooding ahead of us too :(. Stay dry!!

  20. Accipicchia che disastro. Speriamo che finisca in fretta e il sole asciughi tutto, anche se i danni sono veramente tanti.
    Anche in Italia ci sono stati luoghi dove la pioggia ha fatto danni molto pesanti.

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