Did you wonder? Did you miss me? I left, not of my own choice.

I have that saying on the header of my blog page a portion of which says “Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.” Well if you missed me I’m pleased to hear that. Not that I wanted to be missed, I didn’t want to go any-damn-where. But that little bag that hangs around in you lower right hand area called the vermiform appendix decided otherwise.

On Tuesday last after having fed, I started to feel a cramp in that area, which soon manifested itself in my whole abdominal area. I know I’m a man and we tend to exaggerate, but this became beyond bearable.

We are not blessed with a medical aid that covers visits to an emergency room in the late hours, (which on investigation showed I’d need to put approx. R 6 000 on the table before they’d look at me, that’s the price of a new camera) so it had to wait till the next morning. With no sleep, I managed to get an appointment with our Doctor fairly early, 12.15 pm. She sent me for x-rays and blood tests, returning to her with the x-rays I had to sit it out and wait for the blood results to be mailed to her.

She was not happy with the x-rays, she was definitely not happy with the blood results. Before I could scratch an itch, not that I had one, she had me bundled off to the Kloof Hospital with the instructions “When you get there, say Dr. Van der Merwe is going to operate.” and that was that.

I had an appendectomy, my infection count was over the wall and I blew up like a balloon. My entire colon was infected, in fact my intestines apparently did not look good. Well it took the Doctor till yesterday to get me back on my feet, still not 100%, have slight pain, but lots of swelling and wind that flows freely from both ends.

As some of you follow Linda as well I asked her to put out a word and I was astounded by the replies and comments. Unfortunately it used up all her remaining data for the month, but I’m sure she will get back to you.

Linda and I had an agreement, she would get all the sicknesses and have all the operations, why at this age did I need to break that agreement. This was a first for me and hopefully last. It was damn sore, unpleasant, I hated being poke with needles to find veins (have these not been mapped somewhere?) and as for the use of a bottle to wee into, not a recommended thing when drugged.

The staff, doctors and hospital were out of this world, to have put up with this bulldogs continual moan with a smile is commendable. Some even hugged me when I left, probably because they’re so happy to see me leave.

I just shudder to think what would have happened if this occurred while I was in the bush somewhere.

I have over 700 email notices, I deleted them all, I will catch up with you all again as time and recuperation allows…

But I’m back………………….