As yet not fully recovered…

I return slowly to the blogging community, not yet fully recovered, but feeling definitely on the up and up, I greet you all.

We leave soon for the Kalahari, where I’m sure my total return to good health awaits me. I need to move on, to forget the last few weeks and all that it gave me.

Over two weeks now since I last lit a cigarette and believe me when I say I’m surprised till now, I have not missed it at all, not an urge or a craving.

Sweets, chocolates and even cakes have no taste, if anything they taste terrible. I’m led to believe this is from all the antibiotics that were pumped into me. Please God let my taste buds return to normal, as all food tastes strange and my weight is dropping unprecedentedly. A thin Bulldog is not what I want.

The vultures that felt as though the were circling, have gone to roost, I’m not ready to move on yet… here are a few photos from the past as till now I have not ventured out to capture anything new…

Kalagadi 071

Kalagadi 1043

Kalagadi 1022

Kalagadi 926

Away with you all above… I have no need for you.. go seek a meal elsewhere, the Bulldog is back…